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Danielle Bradbery Kicks Off Brand New Era with “A Special Place”

Fortunately for her fans - and unfortunately for the subject of the song - Danielle Bradbery’s new single truly brings the heat. The Voice alum has been teasing her new projects since July of this year, and she finally began her “new era” last Friday.

“You know the type of song that ignites something in you when it comes on?” ‘A Special Place’ is that one for me,” explained Bradbery in a recent press release. “It has the strong-willed attitude I’ve been looking for and makes you want to sing at the top of your lungs. We’ve all felt like ‘I don’t hate you, but I sure don’t wish you well’ about that certain someone… So channel your inner fire and let it out with me!”

And boy, we sure do want to let it out with her. With approximately 150,000 Spotify streams and counting, “A Special Place” has already resonated with listeners.

“A Special Place” is an honest and vengeful banger. She’s brought her usual powerhouse vocals to this track, where she books her ex in a “zero-star hotel.” She delivers ruthless imagery and metaphors, and stuns in the accompanying lyric video. This new era already looks like it’ll be her best yet - Bradbery did not come to play around.

The song takes a direct, no-strings-attached approach right from the getgo. “Good luck gettin' a good night's sleep / Right between the honeymoon suite / And the 1980's vending machine / Where all they sell is Pepsi,” sings Bradbery in the first verse. She transparently communicates how her ex made her feel throughout the relationship: “All the heat you put me through / Could never hold a candle to / The room that they got held for you / That special place in Hell for you.”

Credit is also due to songwriters Shane McAnally, Jimmy Robbins, Maren Morris, Sasha Yatchenko. This quartet has surely outdone themselves. Nathan Chapman and Derek Wells have produced a hard-hitting instrumental that complements the themes of the song. Last but not least, Emma Golden created the charismatic, film camera-inspired lyric video.

This October, Bradbery will perform at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN, as well headline shows in Oak Grove, KY, Orlando, FL, and Omaha, NE. Fans can also request her to play a show near their city, using the button on Bradbery’s official website.

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