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Dasha’s Latest Single “42” Is A Story about Second Chances at Love and Making Up for the Time Apart

Having a second chance at love with someone from your past is an endearing story that Dasha perfectly captures in her new single “42”--stream it here! The song encapsulates emotions of pure love and the idea that being with the right person is going to happen because the right time has finally come. 

Photo by Adam Budd

The song revolves around a girl counting down the number of days until she returns to Nashville and reunites with her old flame. It also walks us through her perspective on some of the fond memories they’ve shared in the past and the pure excitement she has to resume sharing more moments together. 

“42” begins with the mellow strum of a few guitar notes and the girl softly talking to her partner through the song, as if she is using it as a love letter to send to them:

You ask how many more days

I say 42

‘Til I move back to Nashville

Since you’ve been counting too

These lines set the tone for the song by capturing how the love and passion each person has for the other are reciprocated. The partner asks her when she is going to come back to Nashville and both of them are counting down the days until she is back and they can reunite, illustrating the buildup of how the two can’t wait to see each other in person again. 

She then recounts the heartbreak she has felt in missing her partner, but the story of the song mainly expresses how she and her partner can each stop seeing other people to only be with each other. They both know in their heart that they only truly want and need each other in their lives. 

Referring herself as her partner’s “little lady” and her concluding the song saying “I never felt this f****** happy” conveys the essence of the genuine admiration and love you could feel for someone, as you simply just want to spend time with them and enjoy each other’s company. 

“I wrote the first version of that song by myself at my mom's house in California - I'm just telling the truth. I'm just telling a story that started with a conversation I was having about moving back to Nashville and I woke up in the night with the melody in my head,” Dasha explains in a press statement. “That melody and that conversation stuck with me even months later when I moved to Nashville and after some reworking, Jack Schrepferman produced the most perfect version of my story brought to life.”

With its melodic sound and raw lyrics about the romance that can keep two people connected despite time apart, this single by Dasha appeals to hopeless romantics and people who believe in second chances at love.

The 23 year old songstress also announced some big news. After amassing over 10 million streams in her short career thus far, Dasha is stepping into next chapter to her story, her debut country album titled What Happens Now which will be available on February 16th. 


“The songs on this album are real, I wanted a raw authentic sound for my country debut, and I am so proud of this project. It has a sincerity to it that can only come from real stories and songwriting. I am in this pivotal part in my life and career where I am working so hard, I finally have the music sounding the way I want - so it's just a question of what happens now, it's a humbling and curious way of saying that and looking forward to everything that comes next.” 


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