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Dasha's Latest Single Offers Up A Voice To Those In Love Who Ask "What If?"

Navigating heartache can be a painful and tricky journey. Newcomer and ethereal songstress Dasha beautifuly personifies the internal push and pull of relationships in her latest song King of Califorinia.

Photo by Adam Budd

The upbeat and sonically provocative track will instantly make anyone's ears perk up. Dasha creatively guides fans though the aftermath of betrayal and all the sting it leaves behind, even years later. Reminiscing on all the moments she wished would have worked out, Dasha takes a well needed drive but is still a tenant to the memories.

Still stranded in a whirlwind of confusion and heartache, Dasha's latest track is a continuation of her previous single Austin. Dasha's evocative lyrics vividly depict the protagonist's emotional turmoil as she confronts the stark reality of her partner's absence, grappling with a haunting question that lingers in her mind: why did we never work out?

"So what's the use, can't change it now," Dasha sings with an echo of despair in her tone. Jinxed by the "shoulda, coulda, wouldas," she still struggles to move on with the flame still lit. The soul stirring and painfully relatable track is brought to life through a clever fiddle that becomes its own character throughout the song, aiding in the hope for a better outcome.

"I wrote King of California with Louis Castle in Los Angeles just after writing my latest single Austin. I have always loved the idea of continuing storylines using the same characters in the same universe, but between different songs. The last line of the chorus in Austin says, "In 40 years you'll still be here, drunk washed up in Austin."  While I was writing this I knew I wanted to write a song for my next project to follow Austin, set 40 years later, while he's still wasting away, still living in Austin. King of California shares the story of 40 years later in the same universe with the same characters. However, it isn't until the very last verse of King of California that it's given away!"

The essence of the track lies not only in its melodic sound but also in its ability to creatively connect. We have all yearned for that closure and fought tooth and nail to get it. Driven by unfulfilled promises and the anxiety to see if it works out, the story has an open ending, echoing many of our own journeys to find love.

A breath of fresh air in an often over-produced world, Dasha's approach to country music is needed. In a genre that can get a tad copy paste, the California native has taken it into her own hands to bring back the tradition of creating real stories for real people. Her innate ability to evoke earnest emotions is something that makes this songstress one to watch!

Listen to “King of California”  HERE


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