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Diplo Joins Shania Twain On Home Now Radio On Apple Music Hits

An unexpected pair of Country superstar, Shania Twain, and American DJ, Diplo took to the radio to discuss their upcoming projects, country fans, and dream collaborations.

The DJ adorably freaked out while talking with ET on the red carpet.

Shania Twain, “Home Now Radio” featured on Apple Music, is an outlet for all those who love music to sit, listen, and enjoy Shania Twain as she discusses hot topics, the future for her career, and much more.

Recently, Twain had a special guest, Diplo! Diplo is an American DJ who has taken the music world by storm for the past decades with his endless mix-tapes and house party-based music. The country artist expresses her love for the DJ expressing that, “[her] idea behind chatting with you today was to hijack you so that we do our own collaboration together…”

A collaboration between the two would not be unimaginable, as Diplo expressed his desire to venture into the Country music sphere on the radio show. He states that “One of the most controversial scenes I've ever been part of is country because I'm doing something that people aren't comfortable with a lot of times in the industry.” The artist goes on to explain how, when starting out in the industry, his main goal was to “...make the weird record,” being that it made audiences turn their head and become curious about the art.

Diplo goes on to explain that, as a DJ, he finds that “...[artists] have powers and you have to inspire those powers and motivate them and enhance them,” meaning that collaboration between both Diplo and Twain is not out of the cards. Within earlier moments of the interview, Twain expresses her love for artists such as Kim Petras, Nicki Minaj, Dua Lipa etc. stating that, “...Dua Lipa, she's on my bucket list to meet and to perform with.”

Future collaborations between Twain and other artists are not out of the cards yet. You can catch Shania Twain’s “Home Now Radio” on Apple Music Hits!

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