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Dolly Parton Has Officially Joined TikTok

Yep, you read that right. Yesterday, country music legend Dolly Parton made her TikTok debut. Numerous users have already incorporated the titan's music into their video content, and now Dolly herself is joining in on the fun. Fittingly, the hashtags #Dolly, #DollyParton, and #DollyTok have begun to trend. Her first video, set to the timeless classic "9 to 5," marks a grand entrance in true Dolly fashion!

And that's not all! Dolly has teamed up with SoundOn, TikTok's music marketing and distribution platform. An exclusive TikTok audio includes a snippet from "Berry Pie," a heartwarming, bluegrass-inspired song that embraces the singer's love for baking. The lyrics hit home for home chefs of all skill levels - "I like to cook and I love to bake / Bread and cookies and pies and cakes!"

Don't forget to follow our queen on TikTok (@dollyparton), and tag her in your holiday baking videos! Her momentous arrival on the app is probably the best early Christmas present we could've ever asked for.

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