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Dustin Lynch Is Always In "Party Mode"

By Joel Heiman

Most country music fans have known this for a while now, but Dustin Lynch knows how to have a good time just as well as anyone. Dustin took his “Party Mode” tour to McHenry, Illinois, a suburb just outside of Chicago back on Friday, September 16th, and he sure did bring the party.

Dustin is currently on tour with Adam Sanders and King Calaway (dates vary), but on this specific date, Dustin was headlining a special event called “Splash into Country”. This event is put on by the R.I.S.E. Up Foundation, who’s purpose is providing funding for projects specifically focused on enhancing the quality of life for children and their families in McHenry, Illinois. Dustin was joined by Dylan Scott and Zach Miller for this special event, who also know how to bring the energy.

But there’s no energy quite like Dustin Lynch. His “Party Mode” tour, is named after his current radio single, “Party Mode”, which currently sits at #16 and rising on the Mediabase Country Radio charts. Just from the looks of the stage, you knew right away this show was going to have the feel of a college banger you may have thrown in your senior year house. Not only was “Party Mode” displayed in ginormous letters, there was also a dart board, bar stools, coolers, Las Vegas posters, beach chairs, and even a used bra hanging off of the drum set, just to name a few items.

We all know the eight #1 singles that Dustin Lynch has are off the charts (literally), and he wasted no time starting the party with electricity going right into “Ridin’ Roads” (2019) and “Where It’s At” (2014). But where the uniqueness of the show came in, and what really made this a party was all the other activities Dustin partook in during the show. At the beginning, he found a young man in the crowd who just turned 21 this month, and treated him to a Dustin Lynch beer helmet, strapped with 2 beers, that he could wear for the entire show. He made sure to let him know that when he’s done with the beers, that the band will throw him some more. In fact, the band was throwing beers out to the crowd the entire night.

Another huge addition to the show, was Dustin coming out into the crowd and hanging out with members of the pit and first row of seats. He was essentially just hanging out, but decided to sing a few hits while he was out there, including a cool rendition of “Closing Time”, some other hit covers, and his #1 hit, “Good Girl” (2018). But what really does “hanging out” mean for Dustin Lynch? Well, not only did he find the band members’ moms in the crowd to sing happy birthday, and bring one of them up to hang and have a beer. But Dustin also did an entire beer bong (yes, the beer funnel you used to do in college) that said “Drink Up Bitches!” while hanging out in the crowd. He had so much beer, he even had some come up his nose and back out his mouth, making for a pretty hilarious moment.

“If I’ve ever learned anything in life, it’s that you never turn down a funnel that’s put in your face,” Dustin exclaimed. “It feels like a frat party out here.”

Oh and by the way, while Dustin was out in the crowd, he helped an audience member in the first row propose to his then girlfriend. Another spectacular moment. But the guy just doesn’t stop. Dustin then invited four audience members up to the stage to go and play beer pong and hang out with him, right in the middle of the show. You can’t make this stuff up. The beer pong players continuously played, while Dustin played his new song, “Party Mode”, for the rest of the crowd. Dustin’s encore included some more electricity with “Small Town Boy” (2017), and “Thinking ‘Bout You” (2021).

Dustin has a few more shows left of the tour, and just added 3 new dates to the end of the tour. So if you haven’t gotten a chance to see him on this tour, it’s not too late to buy those tickets now! It’s a must see.

You can find more information about his tour and ticket on his website,

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