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Dylan Marlowe Releases The Sweetest Song "You Were Right (Nat's Song)" For His New Wife

Dylan Marlowe gave his fiancé the sweetest wedding gift the night before the two tied the knot!

On Friday, May 19th Dylan Marlowe married is fiancé Natalie Barber in Nashville, Tennessee. The night before the wedding he decided to do something extra special for his soon to be wife and he released You Were Right (Nat's Song).

This song sure did make our hearts skip a few beats, as it shows the love that is shared between the sweet couple. Dylan opens up his heart and shares how the love of his life changed him, and how he's been "getting his act together" for her. He started drinking less beer, and telling the boys he couldn't hang, so he could spend his Friday nights with his girl in his arms. If that isn't love, then what is?

In a press release Dylan stated, "I wrote this song about my girlfriend at the time who I am marrying today,” Dylan said. “It’s funny because a line in the song talks about selling my Jon boat to buy a ring, which luckily I didn’t have to sell my boat! (Thanks to Jon Pardi) haha. I’m super excited for this song because I’m dropping it on our wedding day (today) as a surprise for Nat. She loves this song and I think she thinks I’ll never put it out, so it’ll be a good surprise for her. Also feels good to release a song that’s true and authentic to my life currently. I hope y’all love it!

We can certainly say we loved this song, and Natalie was right when she said one day he would settle down when it was right... and that's exactly what he did. We wish this couple a congratulations on the marriage and all of the happiness in this new stage of life!


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