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Dylan Schneider Unveils the Stories Behind 'Bad Decisions': An Inside Look at His Latest EP

The Midwest native's latest EP delivers a collection of tracks that resonate deeply with listeners, showcasing both his growth as an artist and his unwavering commitment to the genre.

Photo Credit: Spidey Smith

With a firm foothold in the country scene, Dylan Schneider, hailing from Indiana, sets out to showcase his musical versatility in his newest EP, "Bad Decisions." In an exclusive interview with All Country News, Schneider delves into the intricacies of this dynamic project, eager to unveil the layers of his latest musical endeavor.

A quintessential uptempo pop country anthem "Carhartt" is a favorite off the new project. The song begs for listeners to have their windows down while effortlessly weaves together catchy melodies with heartfelt storytelling. With a foot-stomping rhythm and infectious energy, this song grabs your attention from the very first chord. As the tale unfolds, we're introduced to a protagonist who finds himself in the aftermath of a one-night stand, only to realize that the girl didn't just walk away with his Carhartt jacket; she also walked away with his heart.

"The song started off as a loose idea," Dylan told All Country News. one title I particularly fancied was "She Stole My Car Heart," playing on the phrase "she stole my heart." Originally, we intended to craft it as a sort of love story, illustrating how someone could go from stealing your car heart to capturing it forever, like a narrative of falling in love. Gabe Faust, and I, who've been writing together for quite some time, decided to steer it towards a more lighthearted, fun direction, with a vibe fitting for summer jams. Nonetheless, we wanted to retain the essence of "girls stole my car heart."

The lyrics are cleverly crafted, painting a vivid picture of the morning after, as the protagonist grapples with the unexpected depth of his feelings. Despite the lighthearted tone, there's a genuine vulnerability woven into the song, making it relatable to anyone who's ever found themselves caught up in the whirlwind of unexpected emotions. "Carhartt" is not just a song; it's a testament to the universal experience wrapped up in an irresistibly catchy package.

Bringing a dash of high octane swagger to the EP. "Ruin This Town" is a guitar-heavy pop country anthem that channels the emotional depth and raw honesty, and a catchy chorus. Not to mention, the song has our vote for Dylan's opening song on his upcoming tour alongside Kane Brown.

With its powerful blend of electrifying riffs and soul-stirring lyrics, this track takes listeners on a journey through the heartache and turmoil of a breakup that lingers like a ghost in the protagonist's hometown. As the song unfolds, we're swept up in the protagonist's anguish as he grapples with the haunting memories that seem to lurk around every corner. Each familiar spot, once a source of comfort and solace, now serves as a painful reminder of love lost and dreams shattered. The guitar-driven melody adds an extra layer of intensity to the narrative, mirroring the tumultuous emotions that swirl within the protagonist's heart. Despite the overwhelming weight of grief, there's a defiant spirit that shines through in the chorus, a determination to break free from the emotional chains that bind him to the past.

In a genre renowned for its storytelling prowess, "Daddy Drinks Whiskey" emerges as a dynamic triumph for Dylan. The song also serves as a moment of growth and vunerablbpity for the Indiana native, who shared that it took him a long time to have the courage to write his own story.

"I feel like that song holds a unique place," Dylan shared with All Country News. "It's one of the more personal tracks for me, and it's been around the longest compared to the others on the EP. I think we penned it back in early 2021, but it's a story I hadn't really confronted or shared until then. When we first wrote it, I don't think I was quite ready to put it out there for everyone to hear."

"But eventually, I reached a point where I felt ready to tackle it head-on and share it with the world. My hope with that song is that it resonates with anyone who's been through tough times, especially dealing with a loved one's struggles with alcohol or other challenges. I wanted them to hear it from my perspective and realize they're not alone. It's okay to talk about these things openly and seek support. Opening up about difficult topics like that is crucial for healing, you know? So, that's why I felt compelled to release it.

The heartbreaking ballad that delves deep into the complexities of familial trauma and addiction. With haunting melodies and poignant lyrics, this track cuts straight to the core, offering a raw and unflinching glimpse into the devastating effects of alcoholism on a father and his family. Through evocative storytelling, listeners are transported into the world of a child forced to witness the slow unraveling of a once-strong patriarch as he turns to booze to numb the pain. Each verse is a gut-wrenching testament to the destructive power of addiction, as the child grapples with feelings of betrayal, anger, and profound sadness. Against a backdrop of melancholic instrumentation, the chorus serves as a haunting refrain, capturing the heartache and despair that echo through the halls of a fractured home. The track is a stellar achievement for the rising star, marking a significant milestone in their career.

Dylan Schneider's dynamic six-track EP stands as a testament to his growth as an artist and his commitment to authenticity. With each song, Schneider invites listeners on a journey through the heartland of country music, showcasing his storytelling mastery and musical versatility. From infectious uptempo anthems to heartfelt ballads, this EP offers a glimpse into the depth and complexity of Schneider's artistry. As the final chords fade away, one thing is clear: Dylan Schneider has firmly established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the country music scene, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating what he'll bring to the table next. Needless to say no 'Bad Decisions' were made on this EP.


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