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Easton Corbin Celebrates The Best Of Country Music In New Album "Lets Do Country Right"

January 24th 2023

Country music veteran Easton Corbin reminds fans to celebrate country music with new album! The chart topper released his full album in sometime with new record label Stone Country Records.

The 14 track masterpiece not only gives Easton a platform to shine, but celebrates the golden era of country music! Corbin's old school twang brings these tracks to life and into the lives of his fans. It is easy to love this album, its steady beat and beautiful guitar soars from beginning to end.

Corbin takes off strong with the first track "Hey Melre," a classic love letter to one of his idols. The groovy guitar of the title track "Lets Do Country Right," is a time machine to country music's heyday and celebrates everything there is to love about the genre.

Besides the vibrant sound of the album, the writing is some of Easton's best!

"It feels like I had my whole life to write this record," Corbin told All Country News. " I took those two or three years and really dove deep and got back to my roots. I was able to take my time and not rush the record. If we did't like something about the song, we could go back and change something. Or if we didn't hook that song that day, we could try another one. We just had plenty of time."

That tender care and fluid creativity really was the kicker in why this album is an early contender for one of the best albums of the year. The album represents the best of traditional country along with a timeless modern twist.

Corbin, co-wrote all but two of the songs off the record. "To me it's always been about relating to a song, whether it be directly or indirectly," Easton said about the outside cut "In It" witch was penned by Music Row royalty Jimmy Robbins, Josh Thompson and Laura Veltz, and Somebody’s Gotta Be Country co written by Ashley Gorley, Rhett Akins, and the great Dallas Davidson. "There's been songs that I've been pitched, but turned down because I knew they were hits, but it wasn't a hit for me."

Another thing that Easton masters is the flow of the album. After years of nailing down what songs were to tell his story these 14 seemed to take the cake, and we agree! "Benny Brown (from his label) is such a song guy. Him and I really put our heads together and went through all these songs," Corbin told All Country News. "We were on the same page on these songs. We are both lovers of traditional country music, and while going through and finding songs, these just fit the best cohesively."

"Let's Do Country Right" lives up to its namesake and pays homage to the genre in the most poetic way, blending the best of yesterday and today.

Check out our full interview with Easton Corbin HERE!

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