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Ella Langley Teams Up With Koe Wetzel In High Energy Tune Of Toxic Love In "That's Why We Fight"

We are just going to tell ya, this song slaps. Today rockin' country songstress Ella Langley and gritty Texan Koe Wetzel. team up for the ultimate bad love anthem That's Why We Fight.

The painfully relatable track tells the tale of the back and forth of a turbulent love, backed by a beat that can only make you bang your head.

“That’s why we fight, put lightning in the sky, start smashing every bottle we keep bottled up inside.

The pairs energy is as electric as the guitar that races through the whole song. The song's production perfectly personifies to the toxic relationship the lyrics dig into. Honestly the guitar almost becomes it's own character helping to carry the story from chorus to chorus. The blend of their harmonies is pure magic and intertwine like the hellbent relationship they sing about.

’That’s Why We Fight’ is about one of those relationships where fighting is the thing that keeps you together. Your significant other is your favorite person to fight with. It adds a little spice and keeps things interesting. I wouldn’t recommend a relationship like this, but we’ve all had one. I’ve been a fan of Koe for a long time, and it was really cool he jammed on it.”

The virulent push and pull between Ella and Koe speaks to both of their strengths and truly makes this song a little country rock magic!


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