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Emily Nicole Green Releases Catchy, Cathartic Americana Primal Scream with “Wreckage”

In her latest musical release, singer-songwriter Emily Nicole Green introduces her captivating Americana track, "Wreckage." The song offers a unique blend of catchiness and emotional release, showcasing her songwriting talent and vocal prowess.

Green allows listeners to connect with their feelings and experience a cathartic musical journey. Through this song, she dives into the realm of raw emotions, causing listeners to find a relatable outlet for their own feelings. With her signature style of heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies, she delivers an anthem that resonates deeply with those who have encountered challenges and heartbreak.

"Wreckage is for people whose pain wasn’t acknowledged or validated or heard out. It’s for people who felt left alone with the ache they were enduring or even belittled for experiencing it instead of just snapping out of it or getting over it. It’s for people who didn’t get to say what they needed to say for one reason or another," Emily told All Country News.

The primal scream embedded in the chorus metaphorically symbolizes liberation, urging listeners to release pent-up emotions and embrace their vulnerabilities. Through vivid imagery, Green motivates her audience to find resilience by acknowledging their struggles and ultimately embarking on a journey of healing.

"Heartbreak in our culture is kind of made to feel like a trope, something teenagers go through, but heartbreak can be seismic. It can turn you to rubble and ask you to rebuild yourself from the ground up. It can happen at any age. I hope “Wreckage” helps people feel less alone and lets them feel that the immensity of the ache is being recognized and acknowledged in the song."

Listen to Emily Nicole Green’s second release streaming on all major platforms. And, be on the lookout for her debut EP, Outrunning The Animal, which is set to be released in October 2023.


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