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ERNEST Drops Three Songs Prior To Deluxe Version Of FLOWER SHOPS: THE ALBUM

Since the breakout success of "Flower Shops" (feat. Morgan Wallen), and subsequently Flower Shops: The Album, ERNEST has cemented his status as one of country's hottest newcomers. He's directly supported Wallen on his record-breaking Dangerous tour, and will do so again next year on the star's One Night At A Time tour. He builds on that success with the triple release of "Miss That Girl," "Songs We Used To Sing," and "Unhang The Moon."

Photo Delaney Royer

"Miss That Girl" takes a conversational approach, with lyrics that read like a poem. He personifies red dirt and blue sky as he asks these elements to fix his broken heart. A music video, which also dropped today, accompanies this song. It features a catchy melody and strong production, and we have no doubt it'll go hard at live shows.

"Songs We Used To Sing" vividly takes the listener along on ERNEST's healing process following a breakup. Many can relate to the feeling ERNEST describes - of certain music reminding you of memories you're trying to forget. The hook, "Now those songs we used to sing are just songs I can't sing anymore," does a phenomenal job of drawing us in.

The final track is arguably the best out of the three. With gentle, raw vocals, simplistic finger-picking, and impeccable imagery, "Unhang The Moon" pulls at the listener's heartstrings the most. ERNEST immerses us into the wave of emotions following a tough breakup. A buildup in both vocals and instrumentals during the bridge facilitate the impact of this track.

These three tracks precede the deluxe version of his debut album, slated for February 10 of next year. Cleverly named FLOWER SHOPS (THE ALBUM): Two Dozen Roses, it will continue to tell the stories he began in the standard version. Edgy, raw and creative, ERNEST takes country music to new heights with these three new tunes, solidifying his place among country music's great storytellers

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