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Exclusive: Chayce Beckham Chats Opry Debut & New Song "Whiskey On The Wall"

The American Idol Alum is opening up about his Opry Debut and leaning into a sound that he says is authentic to him.

Photo Credit: © Grand Ole Opry, photos by Chris Hollo

Chayce Beckham has had quite the 2023. Between his breakout hit 23 climbing the charts and racking up crazy streaming numbers, the American idol alum has a lot to be excited about. The California native just wrapped up an impressive run with American idol mentor Luke Bryan and now is ready to end the year making music he loves.

Enter his latest single Whiskey On The Wall, a track that Beckham says is an integral part of his journey in Music City. "I had this title, it was something that I wanted to work on. It was one of the very first songs that I wrote as a co-writer," Beckham told All Country News. Chayce admits that the catchy and universal track is one that he has held onto for awhile waiting for the right moment.

Penned by Beckham, Kyle Clark and Blake Pendergrass, the song narrates the internal battle and conversation we often have with a bottle when things go south. Beckham's prolific tenor guides fans though the plea and answers he is looking for at the bottom of the glass. Searching for solace from the heartache, Chayce begs for guidance. Hoping that from the second the cork pops answers will appear, he grapples with facing his own demons. Through a tantalizing melody and vivid storytelling the song is destined to top the charts. Let's just say that Chayce's ability to evoke universal emotion from each lyric is his superpower.

While staying steadfast to his love of real stories for real people, Chayce once again adds a dash of depth to his already impressive discography. "I try to write about things that I've personally gone through or things that I've seen other people go through. that's definitely been a conversation I've had with myself after I've, you know, done some dumb stuff or made some mistakes," Beckham says of his connection to the song.

Opry Debut

Bringing his larger than life vocals to the stage, the prolific tunesmith got to celebrate all of his achievements by stepping into the Opry Circle for the first time on October 18th.

Relishing in Opry traditions from getting your own parking spot to getting ready in a famed backstage green room, Chayce soaked it all in surrounded by friends and family. But he does admit that the nerves are a little more rattling that performing on American Idol. " As far as like nerves, that's about as bad as it gets. I would say Idol is more continuously stressful because you're on camera and you're thinking, it's like a mind game. But as an established artist the Grand Ole Opry is probably the most intimidating place you'll go play. There's just definitely a really special energy there whenever you're performing there."

Photo Credit: © Grand Ole Opry, photos by Chris Hollo

"So many dreams came true because of music," said Beckham. "It’s been a long, long road, and I’d like to thank everyone who has been on it with me. It’s hard not to be emotional when something you have been working so hard at comes to fruition, and the people who got you there can hand you the award for it on the biggest stage in Country music. Because of my family, my team, and my fans, I got to step foot into the Circle and sing at the Grand Ole Opry.

Dedicated to his craft, the Golden State native is nothing short of golden. Demanding attention with his insatiable creativity, Chayce Beckham is unafraid to share his authentic self with fans and lean on others for support. Humble and true, Beckham is one of those born hitmakers who is taking on the Music City mountain one hit song at a time.


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