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EXCLUSIVE: Mason Ramsey Opens Up About New EP & Being Back At The Opry "There Is A Lot To Come"

Mason Ramsey has come along way from Walmart.


Since catapulting onto the country music scene after his Walmart video went viral, Ramsey then became the youngest major label Country artist signed in the genre in nearly two decades at 11. Phenom Mason Ramsey has already delivered two acclaimed EPs, earned a GOLD-certified single, headlined two tours in addition to supporting a Las Vegas residency, performed at several high-profile festivals and award shows like the GRAMMYs, plus surpassed 300 MILLION global streams since 2018.

Now he is opening up about his new EP Falls Into Place, navigating Music City and stepping into the Opry circle once again.

"Each and every one of these songs, I just felt like kind of like fell into place," Mason told All Country News. That innate feeling drove the Illinois to not only write a song that encapsulates that feeling, but name is project after it as well. The track co written by Mason alongside Jenna Paulette and Lauren McLamb gives fans a peek inside the style of song that means the most to Ramsey. Through a strong and universal narrative Ramsey chronicles the whimsy of falling in love. "I didn't just go in the writing room to write them. I wrote these songs about experiences that I've had. Each one of these songs was special to me in a different way."

Staying true to his values of straight aced and timeless stories the five song EP speaks to his rural upbringing and the lessons that he still carries with him, even a song inspired his hometown. Channeling the excitement he feels when returning home to visit loved ones and his beloved grandparents, the EP ends on introspective and humble tune that reminds us that our values follow us and still have a home. Reasons To Come Home evokes a mature emotion, one that can only be served by a creative who has lived it, and Mason delivers.

Since his breakout stardom nearly five years ago, Mason does cite one thing he needed to take into account with his new soul focus on music, his voice. "When COVID hit my voice started to change," the now 16 year old told us. "While my voice was changing I was thinking of ideas, writing songs and practicing my guitar. Trying to figure out my sound with a mature voice." And yes, he can still yodel.

This past weekend, the riser once again stepped into the Opry circle. "I won't be wearing the Walmart outfit," he chuckled. The incredible honor is a testament to Mason's love of powerful storytelling. Leaning into the sounds and stories that make him feel the most at home, the Illinois native feels blessed to once again step into the circle that is unbroken.

Mason told us that there are lot of things to look forward to. Hopeful to get back out on the road, and back in front of fans where he says he is most at home. Full of life, humble stories and a new found twang, Mason Ramsey's country stylings are truly a breath of fresh air.


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