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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Blaine Holcomb’s EP "Boot Shoppin’"

Get ready to crank up the band because Blaine Holcomb’s highly anticipated EP, "Boot Shoppin’," is finally here, ready to dominate the airwaves! With his distinctive voice and infectious lyrics, Blaine ensures his devoted listeners are not just entertained but singing along to every tune. "Boot Shoppin’" is set to release this Friday, January 26th, and we're thrilled to bring you the exclusive first listen right here on All Country News!


   1. Boot Shoppin’

   2. That’s Where I Call Home

   3. Make It To Mexico

   4. Lover Like You

"I’m really excited about the release of my EP 'Boot Shoppin’.' This is the third EP I’ve released in the last three years. I had the privilege to work with a lot of great songwriters while writing for this project and I feel like each song is very strong lyrically. My producer Jay Brunswick and I had a blast with these four songs and we really focused on trying to do something a little different than we’ve done in the past. We wanted each song to stand out on its own and not feel like something we’ve already cut on a previous project, and I think we accomplished that. I hope you all enjoy this new collection of songs as much as I do," Blaine tells All Country News exclusively.

Now that you've experienced these four phenomenal tracks, let's delve into each of them!


Crafted by Blaine in collaboration with co-writers Jay Brunswick, Nick Columbia, and Joe Leathers, the title track "Boot Shoppin’" narrates a timeless tale for all fans of country music. The twangy opening line, "She's got me taking her boot shoppin’," sets the tone for the entire EP; an up-beat country boy sharing the story of his love life. Whether it’s an upcoming concert or her birthday, there’s nothing more exciting than an occasion to take your girl shopping for a pair of boots. If ring shopping is too daunting, boot shoppin’ might just be the perfect next step! With lyrics like, "Pull out her phone and do some Tik-TikToking. Once she gets going, man, there ain’t no stopping!" - we predict this song will flood your FYP with couples sharing their boot shoppin’ adventures.


Collaborating with Jay Brunswick and Chris Utley, Blaine Holcomb explores the concept of a rolling stone's home in "That’s Where I Call Home." Wrapped in melodic guitar and angelic instrumentals, the song paints a vivid picture of "Small town county fairs, middle of nowhere, neon barstool chairs, whiskey and cold beer, truck stops and parking lots..." - places and things that may not feel like “home” for most. The song beautifully articulates the journey of a musician finding and defining “home” in anything familiar, regardless of where his career or metaphorical “wheels” take him. "As long as there’s a sixth string and song left to be sung, I’ll pack up these bags, and head down the road. Wherever the highway finds this old rolling stone, that’s where I call home." The chorus leaves no room for doubt that his bags will be packed again soon.

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The melody takes a gloomy tropical turn with "Make It To Mexico," written by Jay Brunswick, Autumn McEntire, Trea Landon, Joybeth Taylor. "If I could make it to Mexico, it’d be easy to let you go. It wouldn't be so damn hard to put back this fall apart. Once I cross that Texas line, you won't even cross my mind. If I could make it to Mexico, I’ll tell your memory adios." This song beautifully captures the relatable desire for a vacation after a heart-wrenching breakup. It feels dark, yearning for the sunshine and love that only Mexico can revive after heartbreak. “Somewhere south of the border would be a whole lot warmer than your cold, cold heart. With the tide and the waves I could cast you away and make a brand new start.” This is the first song that has ever made us want to cry and hula dance at the same time. Make sure to add this to your breakup vacation playlist before booking that flight!


Hearts find solace in "Lover Like You," written by Blaine Holcomb alongside co-writers Jay Brunswick and Jason Blaine. "Never had someone become my life, never had a kiss get me this high. Held more than I could lose, ‘til I met you. Never known no lover like you!" After an emotional journey as a wanderer who experienced multiple heartbreaks, Holcomb sings of a woman finally worthy of settling down with. "Someone to stop me in my tracks, park these boots, hang up my hat." The rhythm is upbeat, and the lyrics exude optimism. The tempo is upbeat and you can’t help but move your feet through each verse. We can already envision countless couples having their first dance to this beautifully timeless song.

The release of EP “Boot Shoppin’” only adds to Blaine’s incredible musical success. His previous record “Over A Beer” from 2021 is a wonderful listen and has over 1 million worldwide streams. Blaine has also opened up for iconic artists like Randy Houser and Easton Corbin, and even shared the stage with country superstars Luke Combs, Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, and Chris Janson at Bass Pro Shop’s World Fishing Fair. Blaine Holcomb is definitely on our short list of country artists to be following this decade! We can’t wait to see where his musical journey will take us next.


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