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Exclusive Premiere of Up And Comer Kailey Nicole's "Never Me"

By: Rachel Silverman

Kailey Nicole’s “Never Me” is a dreamy yet somber song that pulls at the heartstrings of any girl who has ever felt like the black sheep of the contemporary dating world. Nicole bears her heart with vulnerability and honesty while comparing herself to the girls who are ready to commit fully to their partners. The song is solemnly self aware.

The verses of the song progressively become more honest. The first recognizes the ‘other’, it focuses on the type of girls who can commit. But as the verse continues the perspective is shifted to focus on Kailey. She looks inward and sees herself for lacking, rather than the others being something unique or special. Each verse ends with what we could call the chorus of the song. It’s a simple yet powerful phrase, “Never Me”. During the bridge Nicole analogizes her life as a performer to her love life. She sees herself as the understudy to her partner’s true love.

The production of the song is phenomenal, not a surprise since the song is produced by Grammy nominated producer Zach Manno. His production team has made music for just about every big name in country (Breland, Haley Mae Campbell, Rachel Wammack).

I wrote “Never Me” with my friend Kylie Hughes, and the song itself is really an exploration of insecurity around dating. There were situations over the years where it felt like the guys I dated were settling down with the girl that came right after me. So, I came to Kylie with this idea of exploring that insecurity. This song navigates a lot of the thoughts and feelings that I would normally keep to myself, slapping on a smile to cover up, but I think a lot of people can relate to," Kailey told All Country News.

The song begins with a short and sweet acoustic rhythm riff with a warm electric solo after the second chorus. This leads to the bridge, where Nicole’s vocals soften and the rhythm guitar takes on a strumming pattern before the song finishes off with a powerful final verse and outro. And of course, those sweet but solemn words, “Never Me”.

“Never Me” is a song with so much potential to blow up. From the honest lyrics, strong vocals, and clean production, this song has the power to be a hit. We’re excited to see where it goes and what comes next from Kailey Nicole.

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