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EXCLUSIVE: Pryor Baird Opens Up About His Grand Ole Opry Debut. "I Am Still In Shock."

Photo Credit: Starstruck Entertainment  

Dynamic singer/songwriter Pryor Baird has been waiting to step into the iconic Opry circle since he first moved to town. Now chatting with All Country News, the tune smith shares the emotional rollercoaster that an Opry debut brings. Reflecting on this powerful performances, Baird shared that the life-changing moment was a shock of a lifetime. "You got to keep it cool on the outside, while you are freaking out on the inside," Pryor laughs.

Being asked to make your Opry debut often comes as an emotional shock for artists, and Baird got the call from friend and country music prankster Blake Shelton. "We were getting together for my manager's birthday," Pryor recalls. "She stepped out to take a phone call, then came back and handed the phone to me. It was Blake. Needless to say, I was confused. After a little back and forth, Blake finally asked me if I wanted to make my debut."

Relishing in all that comes with his debut, from practicing with the band on stage to getting ready in one of the iconic Opry dressing rooms, Pryor shared that one piece of advice will always stick with him. "Right before the curtain raised, the piano player said to me, "Minnie Pearl once said, if you love the people, they will love you back." 

Taking that advice to heart, Baird marked his debut with the release of his brand-new track, "Mighta Met A Girl." Co-written by Baird with Chris Gelbuda and David Tolliver, "Mighta Met A Girl" showcases the true artistry of Baird. Highlighted through powerful lyricism and brilliant melodies, the humble story weaves listeners in and out of a night on the town with friends. Pryor's country tenor soars as be brings listeners in as the story building, leaving him love struck and hopeful that he "mighta met a girl last night." Through story and sound, the rising talent solidifies himself as one of the biggest acts to watch in 2024.

However, the night was missing one important person, Pryor's father, who recently passed. Honoring his father with the help of the legendary Opry band's Randy Hart on keys, Baird belted out his emotional unreleased ballad, "Beauty In The Broken."

The performance was capped off by a standing ovation from fans lining the iconic pews of the Opry House. 

Having already checked off a major bucket list moment in 2024, Pryor is ready to take his soulful country stylings on the road. Baird is only heating up as he prepares to embark on the Nashville Hits the Roof series in South Carolina and North Carolina. Tickets are available HERE.

Pryor's powerful Opry debut stamps John's entry into the ones to watch club. Flexing his innate ability to find acute moments of every day life and make them extraordinary and honing in on stories that connect us all, "Mighta Met A Girl" makes Baird one of today’s most innovative tune smiths. Pryor Baird is an artist you simply won't want to turn off.


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