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EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Larkins Enlists His Son For Touching Music Video For His Song "King Of Country Music."

Ryan teams up with his son Whitman to bring his song King Of Country Music to life!

Some may say that growing up in Music City gives you a leg up, but for Ryan Larkins, growing up a son of a preacher, meant that his love of country music came a little later in life. Immersing himself in a healthy dose of classic country sounds and pulling inspiration from the most acute moments of everyday life. Today, the emerging country star is premiering his heartwarming new music video for the breakout track off his self tiled EP.

Ryan teamed up with William Duval and JR McCoy for a cheeky track find a welcomed home on country radio. King Of Country Music is a career defining track for the Nashville native. Full of music city magic, Ryan pays tribute to the great country music troubadours that came before him. From Jones to Strait, Ryan sings of what makes our genre so special. The mid-tempo chorus, alongside Ryan's perfectly placed tone lands on the fact that we can argue for days who the king is, but at the end of the day the song wins!

Encapsulating the magic of the song, Ryan shares the universal message of best songs wins with his son, who at the top of the sweet music video asks him that all taboo question, "who is the king of country music." "Without a great song, what is a great singer," Ryan told All Country News. "That what this song talks about, and that's the message I wanted to embody in the video."

After tossing around a plethora of ideas on how to bring the story to life, it was his son ultimately who asked Ryan who the king of country music that lead them to the most authentic idea. "Most days I would have told him the king is George Strait," Larkins laughed. "But I really wanted to give him a better answer than that." Like lyrics leaping on to the screen, Larkins guides his son through an old record shop, letting him explore and find the answer for himself.

"Sharing this with my son has been incredible. He is pretty shy normally and will walk into a room and just obverse. But once you get to know him, he opens up. It was funny to watch filming day go by, he was pretty quiet at the bringing, but by the end of it was giving the camera guys ideas. It was the funniest thing. And row he wants to be an actor," Ryan laughed.

Larkins is a true storyteller at heart. His innate ability to bring such a universal, yet personal story to life makes him a true hometown talent. With the King Of Country Music video, Ryan stamps his entry into the ones to watch club. Flexing his innate ability to find acute moments of every day life and make them extraordinary and honing in on stories that connect us all, makes Ryan one of today’s most innovative tunesmiths.


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