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Experience the Blissful Highs of Love with Troy Cartwright's Newest Single

One of Music Row's top tunesmiths strikes again.

Photo by Erika Rock

Known for his masterful storytelling and enchanting melodies, Music City's resident heartbreak troubadour Troy Cartwright is back with another soul stirring narrative. 

Intoxicating from the first note, Deathbed captures the euphoric feeling that falling in love can bring.

In this emotionally driven ballad, Troy captures the essence of being in love. His evocative lyrics vividly depict the protagonist's emotional connection to his partner and relishes in the fact that even if this feeling fades, he will remember the butterflies even on his deathbed. 

The ethos of the ethereal song lies not only in its melodic sound but also in its ability to resonate with anyone who has fallen victim to the overwhelming feelings that being in the moment brings. Troy's silky tenor matched with the haunting production allows the song to truly jump out of the speakers and into fan's souls. 

"Everyone has those moments that you'll never forget with your person, whether it's a first date, a breathtaking view, a child's birth, or a million other possibilities," Troy told All Country News. "Deathbed is all about perspective on what's really important and I thought it was the perfect song to close out the year with all of the new memories that the holidays bring."

This will live forever in my mind

when all the sand in the hourglass

runs out and My race is run

St. Peter calls me home

and all my work down here is done

it could be nine or 90 years

but when I’m down to my last breath

I’ll remember this on my deathbed

Highlighted by a masterful cadance and strong storytelling, Troy soars. Unafraid to lean into narrative that make him feel most creative, the Dallas native once again sets the tone for master tunesmiths in the genre.

Announced last week, Cartwright plots out new cities to bring his new music and fan favorites from the past. Tickets are on sale now for the The Unlove You Part 2 Tour, head to to purchase. 


The Unlove You Tour Part 2

2/1 Washington, DC - Pearl Street Warehouse

2/2 New York, NY - Mercury Lounge

2/3 Boston, MA - The Red Room

2/8 Nashville, TN - The Basement

2/10 Atlanta, GA - Smith's Olde Bar


A huge feat for any singer-songwriter, Troy celebrates amassing at least 1 million streams per week in 2023. His determination as an independent artist to create music that moves fans has certainly paid off as he has now garnered over 130 million streams career-wide. 


For a full list of tour dates head to and follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.



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