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Fans Of Vinyl Rejoice! Kenny Chesney's BORN Coming To A Record Player Near You

In a world where streaming reigns supreme, Kenny Chesney is taking a bold step back to the roots of music appreciation with his latest album, BORN.

Allister Ann Via Kenny's Facebook

As the debate raged on whether to press this masterpiece onto vinyl, Chesney faced a unique challenge - how to capture the essence of 15 incredible songs without sacrificing any of them. For an artist whose connection with his fans, fondly known as No Shoes Nation, runs deep, this decision wasn't just about the format; it was about preserving the integrity of his music for those who truly cherish the authentic vinyl experience.

“I’m lucky,” says the veteran superstar in a press release. “I have fans who still believe in the actual listening experience, starting an album at the beginning and taking the journey the songs are creating. Experiencing and asking ‘how does this music define a moment or a state of life? How does it color or reflect my mind?’

 “So much of my own life’s been defined by what I was listening to over the years, and still is. That’s a whole different way of consuming music than just a hit. Knowing that, I decided to go ahead and do vinyl. It’s a limited run, but it’s there for all the people who put on albums and make that kind of listening a destination. For anyone who sinks into the songs, this is for you," Chesney continued.

As one of the best albums of 2024 so far, each track on BORN is a love letter to Chesney's powerhouse fan base No Shoes Nation, celebrating their shared experiences and unwavering zest for life. From the exhilarating rush of "Just To Say We Did" to the introspective wisdom of "This Too Shall Pass," Chesney paints a vivid portrait of the diverse tapestry that is No Shoes Nation. Every song is a masterpiece in its own right, carefully crafted to resonate with every member of this vibrant community.

But BORN isn't just an album for the here and now; it's a timeless classic in the making. Decades from now, as future generations discover the magic of country music, BORN will stand as a shining beacon, a gateway to the genre for countless fans yet to come. Its eclectic mix of melodies and lyrics will continue to inspire, uplift, and unite fans from all walks of life, ensuring that Chesney's legacy lives on for decades to come.

So, to all the die-hard vinyl enthusiasts and No Shoes Nation faithful, get ready to experience BORN like never before. As the needle gently caresses the grooves of each disc, let yourself be transported on a musical journey unlike any other. Because in a world filled with fleeting trends and passing fads, the timeless allure of vinyl and the enduring spirit of No Shoes Nation will always reign supreme. We will find a way to get our vinyl player to the beach!

Fans can pre-order here beginning April 18 at 11 p.m. CT to reserve their copy. With the Sun Goes Down 2024 Tour kicking off this weekend at Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium on Saturday April 20, BORN in double-disc vinyl marks a tangible way to take the music home for the summer. 


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