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Faren Rachels Has Us "Cryin' With The Windows Down" To Her New EP

Nashville's newest crop of talent transitions away from several of country music's stereotypes. For one, they write lyrics that aren't just about beer, tailgating, trucks, and the like. They aim to tell stories fans can relate to, feel moved by, and get something greater out of. Veteran songwriter turned rising singer Faren Rachels is a prime example. In her newest EP, "Cryin' With The Windows Down," she takes listeners on an emotional rollercoaster along with her.

Despite only recently joining the performing side of music, Rachels has spent more than a decade in the industry. She contributes her detailed and vivid songwriting to several country songs, including some recorded by superstars Lainey Wilson and Ashland Craft. Her first singles came out in the late 2010s, and her fresh EP reflects a huge development in her artistry and sound since then.

Cryin' With The Windows Down is brought together with sonic and stylistic similarity, but its seven tracks explore a diverse range of topics. She draws inspiration from real-life situations that she's been exposed to or experienced herself. The poignant "Had To Be There," for example, covers what happens when a parental figure never shows up for you. In an especially biting line, she ponders, "Maybe you've taken off to Tennessee/ It'd be easier if you were proud of me." Ouch, that hits way too close to home. By painting vivid lyrical pictures and keeping an authentic perspective, Rachels drives home the emotions of sadness, disappointment, and emptiness upon being let down.

Another relatable standout includes "Anything But Over," an edgy yet transparent ballad about struggling to leave an unhealthy relationship. Many find themselves in this situation every day, and Rachels is here to remind these queens that they're not alone.

In a musical style that reminds us of Miranda Lambert meets Gracie Abrams, Cryin' With The Windows Down boldly tells Rachel's truth. By painting vivid lyrical pictures and keeping an authentic perspective, Rachels drives home the project's various themes and messages. Spearheaded by a variety of emotions - sadness, anger, disappointment, and exhaustion, to name a few - it contains some of Rachels' best work yet.

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