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Flatland Cavalry Helps Us Prepare For Winter With “Songs To Keep You Warm”

As the weather gets colder, Flatland Cavalry provides us with Songs To Keep You Warm. The relaxing, heartening EP contains six tunes that we can't help but smile upon listening to.

All songs on the project were penned by Flatland Cavalry's lead singer, Cleto Cordero, with the changing of seasons in mind. “An idea came to me in June, out of the blue, late one evening at bedtime after a very long and wearisome few weeks on the road,” he shared. “I was in the kind of place where I was completely exhausted, both mentally and physically, and laying there in a state of surrender, the entire idea for this EP just flashed into my mind: The studio and producer, the songs and the theme, Songs To Keep You Warm.

Highlights of the project include the awe-inducing imagery and personification in "Mountain Song," including lyrics such as "Mountain, mountain, it's good to see your face / Mighty wonder, high above the plains ... River river, take me away / Wash me clean, keep my sins at bay." Collaborations with Kaitlyn Butts and Ashley Monroe give rise to stunning exchanges and harmonies. All songs have an acoustic nature, with a count-in audible at the beginning. This contributed to the EP's authenticity and makes for an intimate listening experience.

Fully embracing the themes of comfort and coziness, the well-timed Songs To Keep You Warm was just what we needed to listen to today. Steady, optimistic, and joyful, these six tracks do indeed keep you warm. Flatland Cavalry show that nothing can brighten a frosty winter day better than a country song.

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