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Friday Find: Austin Snell Blends Rock And Country In "Wasting All These Tears"

Is your inner emo kid still alive and well, even though you also listen to country music now? Did the lineups for both When We Were Young and Stagecoach excite you, rendering you torn over which one to attend? If so, we think we've found your new favorite artist. Newcomer Austin Snell, who just moved to Nashville this year, heavily incorporates both rock and country into his craft.

Snell grew up in a Georgian small town, raised on several types of music. Artists like 3 Doors Down, Nickleback, and Alan Jackson shape Snell's unique sound. Ed Sheeran inspired him to buy his first guitar on a whim, and a passion for learning cover songs transformed into writing original music. Singing became a captivating hobby for Snell as he served in the Air Force, with his faith keeping him rooted and family closely supporting him. His driven mindset spearheads him as he embarks on his musical journey.

His diverse set of influences shines through on "Wasting All These Tears," which dropped today morning. The rock-infused single picks up notes from 90s country, in a unique and mature finished product. The track's title stems from a memorable prayer that he had saved in his phone, but sat on for four years. Creatively, the song took a romantic direction, but the concept gave birth to something special.

The song reflects Snell's true voice, impacting its ability to connect with fans. He emphasizes writing from the heart and covering universal experiences. "It feels so authentic to myself, and I'm not doing anything that I don't like," Snell told All Country News. "I remember being in love with this song, and this whole sound. It was just icing on the cake that I put it on TikTok and everybody loved it. I don't know why it resonates with people, but I think it's just because it's so unapologetically real. You get that from the first two lines."

A breath of fresh air in the music industry, Snell shows promise with his well thought-out penning and impeccable ability to cross genre lines. We strongly believe that "Wasting All These Tears" could be one of Snell's first hits, putting him on the map as music's next big thing.

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