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Friday Find: Josiah And The Bonnevilles Returns To A "Holy Place" With Newest Single

Proudly independent singer/songwriter Josiah And The Bonnevilles has just dropped "Holy Place." Though it was finished just recently, the writing process began years ago on Josiah’s typewriter. He rediscovers this work now, with the needed insight and experience to complete the project. “I have a chance now to tell the story that I’ve started to communicate with my fans, like how grateful I am for them because of where I was,” explained Josiah. We’re grateful for him too - he inspires us with his transparency about his journey.

A sentimental song about “finding [one’s] way back to that holy place,” Josiah showcases his raspy vocals and unfiltered, descriptive songwriting. “Holy Place” is the product of years of experience and life lessons; it arrives at a fitting time. Its message impacts Josiah’s burgeoning fanbase - even the manager of TikTok’s official account got “chills” from the track. Personal stories told against classic guitar twang make for the best kind of songs, and Josiah’s is truly something special. Josiah brings a fresh, carefree perspective to the country music scene that we can’t help but admire.

Growing up, Josiah drew inspiration from classic country and religious music. To this day, he’s particularly drawn to sad and dramatic songs, with “What If I Stumble” by DC Talk and “Little Rock” by Collin Raye standing out to him. Describing himself as a “wandering heart,” Josiah breaks out of his comfort zone and sheltered upbringing with his craft. This fearless soul is unafraid to immerse himself in new experiences, discovering more about himself in the process. “I’m almost like the monkey that gets sent into outer space, because I went so hard at everything, that I’ve like tested the outer limits of what a human being can withstand,” Josiah told us. We could all use a little bit of his bold, adventurous spirit!

Proudly independent, Josiah left his day jobs at a bar and Amazon warehouse to pursue his dream full-time. An approach of authenticity, rather than people-pleasing, keeps Josiah motivated. “I was always looking for validation, from numbers and from people, to consider myself a musician,” he reflected. He redirected his hard work into something he truly loved, with a new goal of telling his stories and connecting with those who listen. Josiah shows us that the primary purpose of music is to heal, to communicate, and to bring people together - topping the charts is just the icing on the cake.

Last but not least, Josiah has recently joined the Swifties, giving us yet another reason to love him! The musician personally connected with superstar Taylor Swift’s recent single “Antihero,” inspiring him to cover it. The song’s opening line - “I have this thing where I get older but just never wiser, midnights become my afternoons” - struck a chord with him. Josiah has put his own spin on the introspective yet edgy pop hit, which we’ve linked below!

Josiah provides us with another success story of an independent artist navigating his own way through the business. In an industry that can often beat you down, he remains tough, and focuses on his desire to create something that represents him. We love what Josiah brings to country music!

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