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Friday Finds: Brady Wilcox, A Headstrong Animal Lover With Impeccable Range

With a wild heart and impressive variety, Brady Wilcox is taking country music by storm. The Oklahoma-born singer initially burst onto the scene with “7 Mile Curve,” a soulful country-rock banger that has captivated a wide range of listeners - 13,181 and counting, to be exact. A few weeks ago, he dropped his debut EP, Pillow Talk.

And if you loved his music on Spotify, just wait until you see him perform it live. Not only does Wilcox have incredible stage presence and energy, he also has mastered the art of delivering memorable surprises to his audiences. Recently, he played at Bubba’s Brewhouse in Durant, Oklahoma, unexpectedly bringing out a live kangaroo and lemur. “I just want to give my fans every single thing that I can to make them enjoy their experience and let them know I appreciate them,” said Wilcox.

Incorporating influences from classic country, pop-punk, hard rock, and even rap, Wilcox’s fresh sound truly stands out. His irresistible southern drawl and amazing songwriting skills shine through, complemented by bold drumlines and poignant electric guitars. For example, in “Just Ta Do” wistful lyrics juxtapose headbang-worthy rock production. The mainstream country-inspired title track is the perfect song to sing in the shower or belt out on a road trip with the windows down. Overall, Wilcox has filled Pillow Talk with a diverse set of masterpieces. We know that big things are in store for this rising star.

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