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Get Your Boots Ready: April's Toe-Tapping Country Music Releases You Need on Your Radar!

This year has been breaking records with its new music releases from Oliver Anthony to Dolly Parton and everywhere in between. This month has been getting everyone ready for the windows down days of summer where country is playing real loud. Here's what we have been listening to all month and are excited to hear soon!

Riley Green - Photo Credit: Harper Smith Anne Wilson - Photo credit: Robby Klein Tyler Hubbard Via UMG Nashville

This month, we have seen transcendental projects across the industry. Chayce Beckham, who scored his first ever #1 single with “23” last week, has debuted his first full length album, Bad For Me. Writing most of the songs on the record, even solo writes “Drink You Off My Mind” and “Mama”; Jon Randall, Parker McCollum, and Natalie Hemby  co-writes can be found here. The steady climb to the top with his inaugural single had welcomed him to the country music world with open arms after winning American Idol in 2021. This record guarantees another hit to follow in his career and they are all too good to predict which one the next one is! 

Tyler Hubbard is next to release an album this month with his sophomore album, Strong on April 12. Although he has been busy on the road making his way to Australia, LA, Las Vegas and beyond, he has been balancing road life, releasing music, and his contemporary single “Back Then Right Now” climbing on country radio. This record hosts boundless emotions as Hubbard reflects and captivates fatherhood in “‘73 Beetle” along with fun and uplifting tracks like "Wish You Would" all the way to tracks like “Take Me Back”, which delights in hometown nostalgia. Hubbard currently hosts 21x no.1 singles throughout his career yet his second solo project is ready to add to that list.

Also on April 12, Riley Green is set to release his newest project- the Way Out Here EP. “We’ve been playing these new songs on the road and wanted to get them to the fans soon as possible,” said Green. “I’m always working on new music and have more coming throughout the year.” Upon its release, “Damn Good Day To Leave” held the title for “most added” when it made its impact to radio. This 7 track EP discovers a mature view on relationships, an outlook on life’s questions, as well as the good ole songs fans love to dance to at his live shows. In addition to adding to his discography with co-writes and solo writes, he is also releasing a cover of Springsteen’s “Atlantic City”, which we has taken with him on the road throughout the years. 

April 19th brings us a new album, Rebel, from breakthrough artist Anne Wilson. While simultaneously climbing on the country and christian radio charts, Wilson hosts a novel album with collaborations from hit country artists, Lainey Wilson and Jordan Davis, are expected as well as a collaboration with Contemporary Christian artist, Chris Tomlin. The record takes the listener through stories of growing up in a small town with "Country Gold", and how a minimalist upbringing can sometimes be the most rich. It also will transport listeners to church with "The Cross" and "Strong", which demonstrates the contrast of life's ups and downs and how vulnerability transcends to the other side of difficulty.

Elvie Shane adds to his stunning discography with his next album Damascus out April 19th with Broken Bow records. A mix of rock, R&B, country, and soul are the melodic themes throughout the stories. Breaking through the stigma and neglected conversation, the "My Boy" singer draws attention to prison life, reflects on addiction, and what holds a tight grasp on many... poor mental health. Shane does not shy away from illuminating pertinent topics through 13 co-written songs. While there are heavy topics on this album, there is still heartfelt and sentimental songs such as "White Horse". There is a song for every feeling presented in throughout the storyline.

Canada native, Mackenzie Porter, adds to the lineup of music we can't wait to add to our playlists with her debut album "Nobody's Born With A Broken Heart". 19 songs are expected for released on April 26, which will feature co-writes from the legendary Lainey Wilson, Emily Warren, and Hillary Lindsey. "Pay Me Back In Change" is guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings through demanding actions rather than just words, and standing true to oneself through the ups and downs of a relationship. The title track depicts gaining knowledge and intel to real world situations through growing up, the importance of those formative years, and the longevity of its impact. The tracks presented by this record span from shedding a few tears all the way to a sass filled anthem... see below!

Albums are not the only thing to look forward to this month! Ryan Hurd is teaming up with Sasha Alex Sloan for an ethereal ballad “Go To Bed Sober” on April 12, Axel Rasmussen releasing "Leather Label" that will make anyone destined to get up and line dance in the Broken Spoke Dancehall on April 19th, and Hope Blanchard is releasing a new single “Habit” out April 26.

Everyone's playlists should have space for these notable projects coming this month. They are prepared to be on repeat all summer long!


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