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Country Music Veteran Mike Gossin Is Turning His Dreams Into Actions With New EP On The Way

Mike Gossin woke up from a dream, then things once again started to fall into place.

Born and raised in the Adirondack region of upstate New York surrounded by farmland, Mike is no stranger to the country music spotlight. As a founding member of the ACM award winning group Gloriana, Mike knows a thing or two about navigating Music City. But after the band went their separate was in 2017, Mike was left a little lost. Playing guitar since he was young, Gossin knew that music would have to continue to be a big player in his life. After playing solo gigs up and down the east coast, it was a call from an old friend that once again lit that spark.

"I got a call from my buddy Mark Dobson, who was the audio engineer for the Gloriana records. After some small talk he flat out told me it was time to make a record and asked if I had been writing anything," Mike told All Country News. While Gossin had a handful of songs thought out, a new project was a whole other undertaking. Yet somehow the country music Gods knew that a project had to happen.

"I had a dream one night that I was up on stage," Mike continued. "I was playing in front of this awesome crowd and then looked to the side of the stage and introduce Cheyenne Kimble. You know dreams fade a bit, but I remembered the song I was playing for the crowd, and that is what turned into my most recent single Lets Ride."

Cheyenne, a powerhouse vocalist and former member of Gloriana hadn't seen Mike since the band had gone their own ways. But once again the universe had different plans!

"My phone rang around noon one day after my dream and it was Cheyenne." In shock, Mike took that time to catch up with his old friend and fill her in on the goosebump moment that had occurred. As fate would have it, Cheyenne loved the idea of being on the new track Lets Ride, and the rest is history! "We recorded her vocals in her living room," Mike chuckles.

Clearly that little nudge from fate has now propelled Mike into a dynamic new sound and inspired the new project due out later this year!

""I signed my first deal when I was 19. These new songs are just a little more my age, yet still relatable" Mike said of the new project. "I spent four years busting my butt playing solo gigs finding myself again and figuring out what I wanted to do and how I wanted to approach all this. But when Mark called I knew I had to jump."

Gossin’s debut solo project is a deeply personal affair, writing and performing on every track and the new project makes his first outing as a producer. "It's a new challenge and I'm always up to like rise to the occasion."

What can fans expect from the new project? While Gossin said it is cheesy, expect each track to be its own movie moment put to a melody.

Undeterred of the past and excited about the future Mike Gossin's country music dreams and ambitious spirit are once again red hot.


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