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Griffen Palmer Announces Revealing, Vulnerable Debut Album "Unlearn" And Releases Title Track Today

Griffen Palmer is welcoming a brand new chapter in his musical journey. With today’s single release and album announcement, he reintroduces himself to his already wide audience. The critically acclaimed songwriter is now finding his voice as a rising solo artist. He follows up January’s release of “Second Guessing” with the poignant “Unlearn,” establishing himself as the fresh face that Nashville has been longing for. And that’s not all - he lets fans know that it's the title track of his debut album, which is on the way too!

Image by Chris Hornbuckle

His influences include rock legends like The Eagles and Elton John, as well as pop singer-songwriters such as Kings Of Leon, but ultimately he found a home in country music. His writing credits include Florida Georgia Line, Keith Urban, The Band Camino, Chelsea Cutler, MacKenzie Porter, Lily Rose, and Jade Eagleson, just to name a few. He’s scored collaborations with the Grammy-winning veterans Shane McAnally and Geoff Warburton.

His impressive resume as a songwriter provides him with a unique ability - catering to a variety of different perspectives. Palmer has nailed the introspective and autobiographical side of country music as much as the lighthearted “bro-country” subgenre. We heard a mix of both sounds in “Unlearn,” maybe even a little bit of alternative/folk - many of the budding singer’s experiences factored into the making of something special.

“Unlearn” best represents his vulnerability, as he reflects on his understanding of love from growing up with divorced parents. “This one meant a lot to me when we wrote it, and that feeling grows for me every time we play it," Palmer said. “It’s a song that I really needed when I was younger, so I’m hoping that people out there that feel like I did when I was a kid might hear it now. I just hope it makes them feel understood."

As Palmer continues to carve his niche in country music, he establishes his status as a force to be reckoned with. Unlearn and its title track put his lyrical cleverness and adventurous artistry on full display. Palmer isn’t your average wannabe country singer who relies on small-town stereotypes and overdone techniques - he’s a masterful storyteller who means every word he writes.


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