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Hannah Dasher Welcomes Her Rebuilding Era In "Ugly Houses"

Hannah Dasher is ok that she needs a little mending herself.

Today the country powerhouse showcases her tender side in Ugly Houses. The strong willed artist explores what it means to be an era of healing and offering her findings through song.

“Well I ain’t no fancy castle / Got too much junk inside / But if you buy ugly houses, Lord / I’m taking down my for-sale sign,” Hannah sings over tender steal guitar.

“‘Ugly Houses’ is the most vulnerable song I’ve ever released," says Dasher. "God’s been humbling me the past two years, doing a major renovation. Felt like I needed to share it with the world — especially during times like now. Whether listeners are believers or not, I hope this song leaves 'em in a better place than it found 'em," Dasher shared in a press release.

Ugly Houses is a love letter to all of the fixer-uppers in life who struggle with imperfection, yet Hannah's signature wise cracking persona still shines through the steady melody. The track, penned with Robert Arthur was first shared on Dasher's social media in May 20202. "Hope you find a blessing in it," she shared.

With a timeless and infectious vocal, Hannah speaks to the "junk" in all of us. Her ability to connect with her fans in new and creative ways is her superpower! Ugly Houses proves that Dasher is one of the best kept secrets in Nashville, but we hope not for too long.

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