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HARDY Celebrates Chart-Topping Triumphs at BMI's Nashville Bash

Nashville, TN — The heart of country music beat a little louder recently as HARDY celebrated a remarkable double victory: two number one hits, "Wait in the Truck" featuring Lainey Wilson, and his solo high-octane single "Truck Bed". The celebration, hosted by BMI in the heart of Music City, was a testament to HARDY's versatility and the collaborative spirit that drives country music forward.

Photo Credit Larry McCormack for BMI

A Tale of Two Trucks

HARDY, known for his ability to blend traditional country themes with modern flair, reflected on the unique journey of his two latest hits. "I've written 50 songs with the word 'truck' in the title," he mused, "and the two that went number one couldn't be further apart from each other. But it is very cool and I'm very thankful."

"Truck Bed" is a raucous anthem that captures the essence of carefree nights and the quintessential American spirit of adventure. Its energy contrasts sharply with the somber and impactful narrative of "Wait in the Truck", a song that tackles the sensitive issue of domestic violence with raw honesty and compassion.

The Power of Collaboration

HARDY emphasized the importance of collaboration in his success. "Something that I've noticed, and I really didn't have that thought until I got to sit up here and see everybody sitting in a line, whether it's 'Wait in the Truck' or 'Truck Bed', is that, and if you're a songwriter especially, you really know what I mean by this, is that nobody that has sat in one of these chairs today, everybody made the song better, you know?" He continued, "There are times where people maybe can get in the way or hold back creative freedoms, but I can truly tell you, between producers and songwriters, every person that has sat in a chair, whether it is somebody's idea or Renee coming in later and throwing the best part of this, making the song the best part of the song, whatever it may be, everybody that sat here today made both songs better. And that is so important, I think, and that plays a huge part in a song going number one."

Lainey Wilson: A Voice for the Voiceless

Lainey Wilson, whose powerful vocals lend depth to "Wait in the Truck", reflected on the song's impact and her commitment to meaningful music. "When I heard it, it took me back to why I fell in love with country music to begin with. It reminded me of songs from the 90s like 'Whiskey Lullaby', 'Thunder Rolls', and 'Goodbye Earl'—songs that really tell a story. This was about something that a lot of people don't want to talk about."

Wilson's dedication to authenticity in her music is evident. "I made a decision a long time ago that I would only sing and write music and be a part of songs that I didn't write that I felt like made a difference. And this song right here, y'all, has made a difference in so many people's lives."

She shared a poignant moment from her experience performing the song. "I was singing it out in Oregon one day, just the chorus, and this lady on the front row was crying and saying, 'Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you.' And that right there is the power of storytelling, and I thank God that I get to be a vessel."

Photo Credit Larry McCormack for BMI

The celebration at BMI was a heartfelt acknowledgment of the power of music to connect, heal, and inspire. HARDY's dual success with "Wait in the Truck" and "Truck Bed" underscores the diversity of country music and its ability to address both the highs and lows of the human experience. Each toast to both songs was a reminder of why Nashville remains the beating heart of country music. For HARDY, it is not just about celebrating their current achievements, but also about looking forward to creating more powerful music and meaningful stories. The Mississippi native's success serves as a beacon, highlighting the transformative power of storytelling in country music, and promises a bright future filled with more number one hits and impactful songs.


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