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Hardy Puts On Impromptu Show At Country Thunder Wisconsin

Big Loud recording artist and larger than life performer Hardy, gave County Thunder Wisconsin fans a HUGE surprise.

This past Saturday, as lighting rolled into Twin Lakes Wisconsin, the country artists set got cut short. Leaving many fans disappointed. But in typical Hardy fashion, he knew the show had to go on!

Hardy surprised festival goers by putting on an impromptu midnight set at the festivals smaller Lake Stage. The 90 minute set included his energetic intro to his country/punk crossover "Sold Out."

"I told my manager I would play on the back of a tailgate if I had to," Hardy told the crowd of more than ten-thousand.

The crowd was so loud, that many times during the set Hardy sat back and soaked it all in! "That wasn't supposed to happen," Hardy laughed after the crowd sang the fan favorite "Rednecker."

"Well ya'll, this is probably my favorite show I've every played," Hardy said.

Check out the amazing footage from Country Thunder Wisconsin!

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