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HARDY'S Mom Shared That Morgan Wallen Brought HARDY Back From The Hospital After His 2022 Bus Crash

February 8th 2023

Jason Kempin for GETTY

Morgan Wallen and HARDY have been two peas in a pod for some time. Both on and off the stage the two have always been there for each other, even during the scariest of times.

HARDY's mother Sarah recently joined the popular new podcast "Got It From My Mama," hosted by Conner Smith's mother, Jennifer Vickery Smith.

HARDY's mom told the tale of HARDY's rise from her eyes, but also shared the scary moments surrounding the near fatal 2022 bus cash that her son was involved in.

Morgan and HARDY had just finished headlining Country Thunder: Bristol together on that October night.

Noah Brown, HARDY's tour manager broke the news to Sarah at 3:30 in the morning. in the hours after the crash, Sarah told HARDY's friends and family about the crash. "All I cared about is that they were ok," Sarah told Vicky.

"Before I could do anything, Morgan brought Michael home from the hospital. And Morgan was actually FaceTiming with Michael. Morgan from his bus, Michael in his bus. They were joking around and FaceTiming, when the accident happened," Sarah shares. "Morgan knew something had happened, but he wasn't sure what ... it just went black. The phone just kinda flew across the room and went black. So Morgan didn't know. He really thought for a minute that they were just playing a joke on him," Sarah continued.

While camp HARDY is all ok now, Hardy left the accident a gash to his head, as well as "some cracked vertebrae," Sarah told Vicky. According to Sarah, Wallen was there to support HARDY in every stage of healing.

The best buds will continue to tour side by side in 2023. HARDY will be joining Morgan as one of his opening acts on the sold out One Night at a Time Tour, the tour kicks off oversees in New Zealand in mid-March and state side in Milwaukee on April 14th.

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