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“Hey, Nice To Meet You,” Riley Roth: Rising Star Releases Phenomenal Debut EP

Riley Roth's highly anticipated debut EP has finally arrived! The groundbreaking and intimate project has already won over millions of hearts worldwide.

Hey, Nice To Meet You showcases Roth's sensational approach to storytelling and her flawless singing. "It's a glimpse into my relationships - past and present – and an honest look at my journey toward confidence and being unapologetic about who I am," she explains. Fans have already heard the bold and edgy "Strangers," "Go Find Less," and "Souvenirs."

The last three tracks lean more heavily into country influences, and show the more imperfect side of Roth's life experiences. The highly relatable "Over You Is Over" and "Linger" can connect with anyone struggling to move on from a past relationship. Transparent and emotional lyrics contrast upbeat production in these masterpieces. The slower "Hometown Home" puts Roth's vulnerability and impeccable vocal range on full display. Anyone who's moved away from their hometown can identify with the track. In an especially resonant bridge, Roth sings, "I wish somebody told me that my days here would be numbered / Every time I come back now I just can't help but wonder / Why I would ever want to leave / The place that made me, me." Ouch. She knows us too well.

“My goal is to use the songs on my new EP to provide the light and uplifting energy that people need right now, especially given the state of so much heaviness in the world. My hope is that listeners discover my music and that it helps them to feel better about themselves, whether it’s from connecting with a specific lyric, bopping along to a catchy melody, or finding their own story in one of mine,” Roth told All Country News!

The EP results from a long period of perseverance. Roth has dealt with several personal and professional struggles, including the death of her producer Busbee and pandemic-related hardships. These upheavals factor into the storytelling of Hey, Nice To Meet You, as Roth builds her career on her own terms.

In a unique musical style we could describe as Maren Morris meets Ava Max, Roth shines on her debut EP. Roth's impressive vocal technique helps bring her beautifully written stories to life. Hey, Nice To Meet You accomplishes Roth's goal of transparently sharing herself with fans. Listeners truly feel as though they are hearing a friend, rather than a distant country-pop star. This is just the beginning for Roth; we anticipate big things coming soon in her future.

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