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"How Good Is That" New Old Dominion Teaser?

Spoiler alert: very good.

We haven’t even reached the one-year anniversary of Time, Tequila, and Therapy yet, and Old Dominion already blessed us with the snippet of a new single. “Take a big old swig of a simple life, how good is that?” the band asks in their latest project, which they teased yesterday on Instagram and TikTok.

The unreleased song plays in the background of several blooper clips, and members of the band hilariously rate each other. Old Dominion shows off their magnificent vocals and not-so-magnificent skateboarding skills in the video, as well as their fun dynamic we all love.

For more than a decade, Old Dominion has cemented their status as one of country music’s best bands. Overall, they’ve collected five ACM awards and three CMA awards, among several other accolades. They are the legends behind some of country music’s most beloved songs - including the iconic “Snapback,” the smash hit “Break Up With Him,” the beautifully penned “Written In The Sand,” and the commercial breakthrough “One Man Band.”

Time and time again, Old Dominion have proved that every song they put out is a masterpiece; “How Good Is That” seems to be no different. The track’s impeccable harmonies and guitar instrumentals already have us imagining how amazing this one will sound live. We can’t wait until we can hear the whole thing!

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