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Ian Munsick's New Track Proclaims That All He Needs Are "Horses & Weed"

We all love a good truck or can of cold beer, but have you ever felt like they can be underwhelming and predictable sometimes? If so, Ian Munsick has just the track for you, “Horses & Weed.”

“Old trucks and cold beer have been staples in country music for almost as long as country music has been around,” explained Munsick in a recent press release. “But in my humble opinion, these staples have begun to rust. West of the Mississippi, we have other tools to help get the job done.”

“Horses And Weed” follows the Cody Johnson collaboration “Long Live Cowgirls,” and the sweet romantic ballad “More Than Me,” as the third single from Munsick’s upcoming album. His highly-anticipated debut project will drop next year. The rising artist will additionally embark on his Westwood tour this fall, covering major cities such as Charlotte, NC, Chicago, IL, Denver, CO and Tampa, FL, as well as bringing along fellow Wyoming native Ryan Charles. Fans can purchase tickets on the singer’s website.

Munsick’s hearty ode to his beloved “Horses & Weed” truly showcases the up-and-coming country crooner’s talent. In a gritty ballad with a catchy title, Munsick tells a personal story in true western country fashion. Steady instrumentals enhanced with fiddle riffs render the track one of Munsick’s most charming. Just like the Wyoming-born singer hoped, the track takes listeners to “greener pastures” that lay “far beyond the reaches of trucks and beer.”

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