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Jackson Dean's "Live At The Ryman" Proves That He Is A Bonafide Superstar

Live albums are normally saved for when an artist is well seasoned and has a decade or so under their belt. Well welcome rule breaker and superstar in the making Jackson Dean.

Photo: David McClister

The Maryland native has taken country music by storm. Between millions of streams, a No. 1 and an incredible live show, we are excited that this gritty troubadour stepped into the Mother Church to record a project live at Nashville's iconic Ryman Auditorium.

From the jump the feel of this whole album is electric. Impressively recorded in one take, Jackson's raw style opens the project with the title track of his first record Greenbroke. Dean's natural knack for live shows allows him to let each note soar, and the emotion incapsulates listens from the first song.

Seamlessly transitioning from one song to another, Jackson finds his stride with Fearless. The song's live version adds depth to Dean's discography, and speaks to the significance of the moment. Jackson proves he doesn't need gimmicks or backtracks, the soul in each lyric propels the whole project along.

As a frequent to Jackson's shows we love that his creativity is let loose adding well placed variances in his vocals. Perhaps the most exciting and jaw dropping track is his unreleased smash Heavens to Betsy a standout in Jackson's live set, and possibly one of the best songs in Dean's repertoire.

“Folks have been asking for ‘Heavens’ for quite some time now so it meant a lot to me to deliver it to them in the same spirit of how they first connected with it—completely live and in the moment—which is when we’re at our best," Jackson told All Country News.

Jackson's beaming pride in his live show shines brighter than ever through all eight tracks. Each track is handled with such care it makes it easy to become engulfed in the moment and feel instantly transported to the Ryman yourself.

Jackson Dean is one of those rare talents where creativity meets grit and good lord we can't get enough. This project proves as your sign to get your ass to a Jackson Dean show.


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