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Jacob McCurdy's Newest Single "Feels Like Home" Celebrates A Timeless Love

Portland Maine based artist Jacob McCurdy is ready to love. The Indie - Americana artist is taking a much needed break from breakup anthems and ushering in a homie love in his bright new single "Feels Like Home."

From the jump listeners feel at home with its bright beat and clever tone. McCurdy's inspirations shine through. He effortlessly blends his take on soulful rock, folk, roots, and indie pop in new track. "Feels Like Home," takes from its namesake and makes listeners feel at home.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, McCurdy began growing tired of writing sad songs. Recovering from a breakup, McCurdy craved the warm familiarity of love and companionship once more. Inspired by this desire, McCurdy wrote the song alongside Alex Calabrese and Phil Holub. The story tells the timeless tale of falling involve with someone and instantly feeling at ease, yet Jacob does it in such a creatively effortless way.

"To live in your eyes, it feel like home"

"Feels Like Home" is a creative spin on the timeless story of falling in love. Backed by a unique arraignment and a vivd vocal, Jacob McCurdy may now be the new love song guy!


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