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Jade Eagleson Finds Honky Tonk Love In Latest Single "Neon Dreamin'"

I think it is safe to say we have all fallen in love in some capacity under the neon lights!

Credit: Ryan Nolan

Today powerhouse and proud country music traditionalist Jade Eagleson does just that!

The new track Neon Dreamin' will transport any listener to their favorite hole in the wall full of buzzing neon. From the jump the tune I packed with an infectious beat, backed by classic harmonies and Jade’s crooning lead vocal, this new single is a swift return to to the traditional Country sound.

Must be neon dreamin'

‘Cause I ain’t never seen an angel shootin’ whiskey

That scoot in them boots queen

Is Heaven in blue jeans

Don’t nobody pinch me

Yeah she’s out of my league

But I swear she’s smiling at me so just let me

Keep on neon dreamin’

Penned by music row icons Kelly Archer, Dylan Guthro and Gordie Sampson the honky tonk track fits right into Jade's wheelhouse. Aiming to honor a more traditional country sound that Jade grew up listening to on his family’s seven generation farm, Neon Dreaming' bright instrumentation does just that. Full of thoughtfully placed pedal steel, a dash of traditional twang and a personable storyline, Jade has struck gold again!


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