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Jake Kohn Releases Hard Hitting Fan Favorite 'Dreams.' "If It Resonates With One Of You, It’s A Success To Me."

The country music prodigy brings the sounds of his hometown to life in emotional new single. 

With a voice full of depth and wisdom, it is hard to believe that breakout artist Jake Kohn is only 16 years old. Today, the Virginia native bears his soul in his earnest new track, "Dreams". Seamlessly blending raw emotion and his signature unguarded vocals, Jake narrates a tale showcasing his old soul and brilliant lyricism. 

Earnest and true, the acoustic tune guides fans through the painfully relatable story of a heartbreaking after an old flame goes out. As if he has had his heart broken a million times, the breakout talent sings with such conviction, it is hard not to be brought to tears. Grappling with the inner self critic and analyzing all the missteps he took during his relationship, Kohn kinds himself with only haunting dreams and memories. 

It is safe to say that this song has woven its way into Jake's fans own lives. The track has become a staple at his live shows, leaving fans begging in the young star's DMs to please release the song. If that isn't superstardom, we don't know what is. However, according to Jake, this song almost didn't happen.

“I was told time and time again that this song shouldn’t be released. It’s too long for public consumption. It’s hard to follow. It’s not my best writing. One thing I’m going to do is stay true to who I am. I’ve never written a song trying to write a hit, and I’m not going to release them based on that, either. This song means something to a lot of you, and that means something to me. The amount of comments and messages I’ve received asking me to release this song is unreal. It may not be a hit, but if it resonates with one of you, it’s a success to me. ‘

A true superstar in the making, Jake's cinematic songwriting truly pulls you in and spits you back out in the best sense, leaving fans finding themselves to find their own story in the song. If Jake is still honing in on his writing then damn are we in for a career full of musical novels.


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