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Jake Owen Drops A Bomb With New Album Loose Cannon

This sun-soaked new album, Loose Cannon, is just in time for summer, and it's one you don't want to miss!

This Florida native, turned Nashville country star, got his love for music when his twin brother got into an accident that resulted in heartache for Jake. Borrowing a friend's guitar, he taught himself to play, and continued to play covers of his favorite country artists in bars and other small gigs. He wanted more than just singing covers, so he decided to start making his own music and finding his own sound. He found great success with his music, skipped out on his college classes, and booked it to Nashville where he has grown his career.

Jakes first album Startin' With Me, kickstarted his career in the early 2000's. From there, he really struck gold with his album Barefoot Blue Jean Night and has had ten #1 singles and over 2.5 billion streams throughout his career so far. Now, with the release of his new album, his success is climbing!

This album features how Jake feels to love, lose, and grow, all within the span of these 16 songs. Starting us off strong, the song "Go Getter" shows his growth in himself to be better for his girl. Ever since he met his girl, he's been a "go getter to give her what she deserves. He's used to the goodbyes, but this girl has changed his world. Shes the one who's stayed, so he's going to do whatever it takes to keep her.

Another song on the album, "Shrank," shows how much breakups suck in a small town. If we have learned anything from country songs, it's that small towns are the worst when you can't go anywhere without running into your ex. In this song Owen "can't escape the heartbreak because everyone knows his business before he does. He's stuck within the county lines" so he's going to need a "small town shrank" to get him through.

If there is something important about heartbreak, it's that you shouldn't go through it alone. Everyone needs a friend to get them through the tough times, and the song "Friends Don't Let Friends," shows us the importance of friendship. Whether it's a breakup, loss of a loved one, or hardships that life throws at you, Owen says "you ain't on your own." True friends are the ones who will "bleed with you and be thick as thieves with you." In this song it shows us the true power that friendship brings, and that friends can heal a heart they didn't break.

In a press release he stated, “I can't wait to share this new wave of music with my fans,” shares Owen. “This album is a long time coming and feels like the best version of me. Grab your buddies, put the boat in the water, pour a cold one out, and we'll catch y'all out on the lake. It's the best time of year and we're ready to celebrate.”

Always evolving the country veteran isn't afraid to go a little left of center in the name of his artistry. With his signature laid back style and clever connective tales, once again Jake has stamped is place in the genre.


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