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James Barker Band Drops "Meet Your Mama" - A Swoon-Worthy Anthem About Falling In Love

February 2nd 2023

Due to the thematic nature of country music, most of its artists hail from Tennessee, Texas, or another southern state. However, our neighbors up north have also contributed their fair share to the genre - for example, Shania Twain, Sacha, Terri Clark, and Parker Graye. James Barker Band is the newest name to join the ever-expanding list, as a new record deal is allowing them to grow their USA fanbase.

Credit Matthew Berinato

Frontman James Barker has appreciated the music-first approach that record labels employ, as opposed to hyper-focusing on streams or viral success. “When you’re in a band, you kind of have to be that way. You have to just make all your decisions based on what music is good,” he told All Country News.

As an organically formed group, which Barker describes as a true “band of brothers,” they’ve always employed this creative approach and are excited to continue doing so. “I think it’s because there’s a sense of dynamic, people recognized that it wasn’t just a dude in the front with some hired guns at the back,” shared Barker. Their origin story and presence in the industry carries 90s nostalgia - similar in many ways to the great Diamond Rio.

Like many other artists, James Barker Band got their start playing in various bars, fairs, and festivals that would let them. Much of the audience didn’t know their music, but that didn’t stop them. “It’s nerve-wrecking playing for a crowd that doesn’t know you, but it’s also really exciting. You have to stay on your game,” said Barker. He noted that many listeners form an opinion of a new artist within the first five minutes of exposure to them, embracing the thrill of “converting people into fans.”

Their recently released single, “Meet Your Mama,” starts a new musical chapter. The band and their entire team agreed that this song particularly invokes an emotional response, which Barker believes is the aim of country music.

The band’s authentic delivery and songwriting allows many to connect with their music. The structure of “Meet Your Mama” communicates the exhilarating journey of the beginnings of the relationship, when the singer is hungry to know everything about their partner. “You know you’ve found the one when you actually want to see their baby photos, their childhood photos,” said Barker. “It feels like there’s not really that many country songs about it, which is pretty rare… It’s kind of a unique idea.”

Barker himself has generally had good luck with the girls he’s brought home. His mom and wife got along well when they first met, and his wife even noted how similar his personality was to his mom’s. However, that isn’t necessarily the case for the rest of his band. “I’m sure there’s some that are kind of incriminating for the band, because there’s been a lot of different - interactions. Maybe that’s the politically correct way to say it,” he told us while laughing a little.

Last but not least, Barker confirmed to us that new music and a tour is in the works for this year! Following the new record deal, the band has been keeping themselves busy. If you loved “Meet Your Mama,” definitely stay tuned, as James Barker Band will continue to bless your playlists. We know that 2023 will be big for this quickly rising group, and we can’t wait to see what they do next!

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