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Jelly Roll Continues To Bless Others & Makes A Nashville Area's Ailing Grandma's Wish A Reality!

Jelly Roll continues to his platform to bless others!

Photo by: Melissa Routh Via Nashville Channel 5 News

Jelly Roll's music has been resonating with fans from all walks of life! Once again, Jelly, a Nashville native, went out of his way to do good and live by his "blessed and bless others" motto.

This past year alone, Jelly has visited prisons, donated profits from his tour to ones in need, and just wrapped up the biggest toy drive Nashville has ever seen. Jelly's big heart continues to grant wishes for a Columbia, Tennessee grandmothers who’s suffering from a terminal illness.

Sharon Brown suffers from early-onset dementia caused by an aneurysm, and is a self- proclaimed Jelly Roll fanatic. Sharon convinced daughter Melissa and granddaughter Naveah to get matching bad apple tattoos with her in honor of her favorite singer.

In December of last year, Melissa and Sharon were at one of Jelly's local toy drive concerts, hoping to catch a glimpse of the CMA winner. However, Melissa decided to try to take it upon herself and try to make her ailing mother's wish a reality. Sharon dreamed of meeting the larger than life star!

In the story first reported by Nashville News Channel 5, Melissa recounted how the magic moment came to be. "I explained her situation and said her dying wish, her No. 1 on her bucket list, was to meet Jelly Roll." After the crew member was touched by Sharon's dedication to her favorite singer, Sharon was invited backstage at a recent Grand Ole Opry performance.

“He gave me so many hugs. He made me feel like I was so special. He told me I only looked 50," Sharon laughed while remembering the once in a lifetime moment.

It is safe to say that other superstars should take a note from Jelly's book.


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