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Jenna Paulette Sings Of Letting Go and Trusting Her Future In "Anywhere The Wind Blows"

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

March is shaping up to be the month of Jenna Paulette! Not only has the up-and-coming artist been named Apple Music's Country Riser Of The Month, she just dropped a sentimental masterpiece, entitled "Anywhere The Wind Blows." It, well, blew us away.

"Anywhere The Wind Blows," reflects Paulette's determination and faith as she overcame some of the hardest years of her life. Gritty yet delicate, this song truly lets us get to know the heart inside of her tough exterior. Paulette is the latest voice to seamlessly tell personal stories in a radio-friendly lens.

"This song is about letting go of the things that weighed me down and into what God has for me,” Paulette shared. “I have so much hope for my future right now-- everything I thought I could never have is working out just fine and I feel so light and ready for the adventure ahead."

The release of this song precedes her debut album, The Girl I Was, due March 31. The record's concept and execution equally carries nostalgic and innovative qualities. On one hand, childhood memories and traditional country influences are spearheading the album's creative process. On the other, the journey that Paulette will portray, as well as the mindset with which she works on this project, brings something fresh to country music. Most artists save themes of reinventing oneself for the third or fourth album, but Paulette is tackling them head-on in her first.

Paulette first fell in love with country music and its culture as a young girl, feeling most at home when helping her grandfather sell cattle. After a ten-year relationship - unfortunately, one that saw her sacrificing her true self to romantic love - Paulette is finally back in touch with this side of her identity. The Girl I Was is the singer's way of rising like a phoenix from the ashes. She's stronger, happier, and more sure of herself than ever. Complete with a star-studded list of collaborators (Ashley McBryde and Rhett Akins, to name a few) and a stunning approach to modern traditionalism, The Girl I Was is certain to be one of 2023's most triumphant debuts. We can't wait to hear it in full, and we're excited to continue watching Paulette take over country music!


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