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Jeremy Parsons Brings Life's Journey To Life In New Music Video For "Life Worth Dyin' For"

Texas born singer/songwriter Jeremy Parsons opened up the idea and asked if you are living a life that one would be content with: “a life worth dyin’ for.” The soul-stirring ballad that explores that very idea and is the latest single from his 2021 album Things To Come and is driven by Parsons’s heartfelt musings, contemplations, and experiences.

Today the stunning music video uses vivid imagery to tell the introspective story. With an astronaut playing the part of the truth seeker, the song is truly brought to life thanks to the bright colors and creative visuals.

Yeah I learned and I loved

Fallen and stood back up

When I could I did all I could do

Don’t know about you

But I’ll say this for sure

Oh I lived a life worth dying for

" With this song being about a journey that Is life and the quest to live it to its full potential, I feel the video could've gone in almost too many directions, but when Nick van Dyk sent me the first draft, it made complete sense. We're all exploring uncharted territory in our lives as we get older and accept more responsibilities, but it shouldn't

end our exploration of self and what brings us joy. And it should be noted that the astronaut playing guitar is hands down my favorite part of this entire video. I love how it all turned out, and Nick did a stellar job, as always," Parsons told All Country News.

Continuing his captivating performances and honest lyrics, Life Worth Dying For is a poignant reminder. Parsons’ songs have been featured on the Roots Music Report, IndieWorld Report, and Hits You Love Pop Charts, as well as National Radio Hits and New Music Weekly.


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