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Jimmie Allen and Brad Paisley Brings Us a Taste of Freedom

January 29, 2021

Name a better duo than Jimmie Allen and Brad Paisley. We'll wait...

"Freedom Was A Highway" is Allen's latest single from his Bettie James EP, which was released last summer. The track features Brad Paisley and was produced by Allen and Ash Bowers, who has also produced for Matt Stell. Matt Rogers also has a co-writing credit on the track.

The song is a classic summer tune that will have you nostalgic for more carefree times and late nights with close friends. It's a perfect combination of Allen's modern country vocals and Paisley's classic country twang and even features aniconic Paisley guitar solo.

Bettie James was Allen's first EP, following his first album Mercury Lane which was released in 2018. "Freedom Was a Highway," is his fourth single and follows the success of his single, "This Is Us," featuring Noah Cyrus.

Listen to the single here.

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