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Jordan Blanchard Drops Bold Sophomore Single "Running Red Lights"

On the heels of his upbeat, 90's-inspired debut single, entitled "Hangover," rising star Jordan Blanchard is ready to show fans a different side of his artistry. The edgier "Running Red Lights" employs motifs of reckless driving, which illustrate pushing the limits with one's own heart.

Photo courtesy of Jordan Blanchard

Often, we fall in love very intensely and quickly, despite our better judgement's plea not to. We ignore the real potential of getting hurt afterwards, as we're only able to see a few steps ahead of ourselves. Due to the near-universality of this experience, Blanchard's new single will undoubtedly speak to many listeners' souls. The soulful track strikes the perfect balance between boldness and vulnerability.

The theme of pushing boundaries also extends into Blanchard's upcoming Running Red Lights tour, where he plans to test the limits of what is possible on stage. Live performances allow the singer to share such moments of growth with fans.

Blanchard's path to success sets an example for the next generation of newcomers. The singer prioritizes his authenticity and a strong connection to his audience. But despite his groundedness, the singer isn't afraid to metaphorically "run red lights" as both an artist and a person. Blanchard's fresh approach is just what Nashville needs right now.

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