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Jordan Davis Embraces Life And Everything That's "Part Of It" In New Single

Many fans can relate to the awful feeling that they've hit a dead end, as if all the hurt they've experienced will never heal. However, Jordan Davis is here to remind us that's never the case. In "Part Of It," the artist sings of how his hardships shaped him into the person he is today.

"Sometimes, you're gonna hurt like hell and have some scars from it," he admits in the song's chorus. The lyrics address multiple forms of heartbreak. First, he covers romantic relationships, as Davis shares the perspective he gained after a painful high school breakup. In the second verse, an emotional Davis reflects on how he processed his grandpa's death. But later, he reflects on moving to Tennessee for his music career, meeting his current wife in the process.

Powerfully, Davis changes the lyrics in the last chorus to reflect the song's overall message - "Sometimes, life takes care of itself and heals those scars from it," he tells us. Davis communicates that it's worth sticking it out through the hard times, because they will eventually pass and provide us with stories to tell. Honestly, that was just what we needed to hear today.

With "Part Of It," Davis once again demonstrates his mastery of telling stories and sharing his life experiences through music. The track remains rooted in classic country but picks up notes from folk and mainstream pop, fitting right into Davis' signature sound. "Part Of It" is a phenomenal follow-up to the recently CMA-winning "Buy Dirt," and we can't wait to see the life that this new song takes on.

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