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Josh Abbott Band Pays Homage To His Father With Nostalgic New Track "My Dad And His Truck"

Inspiration for a song can strike anywhere, just ask Josh Abbott, front man of the iconic Texas group The Josh Abbott Band.

Today the Lubbock, Texas legends turn back the clock and revisit old memories in their latest single My Dad And His Truck. Josh took to social media to give fans a front row seat to his inspiration, and shed a few happy tears as he hits in his 2010 truck that he says that he hopes his children will drive one day.

“I was thinking that [the truck] and how hard he worked and the truck that he drove. And I decided to write a song about it… I hope you love it as much as I do, and it brings a tear to your eyes.”

Penned by Abbott, Matt McHinn and Neil Medley, the tender nostalgic track reminiscence on treasured memories with their father and honoring the impact that they leave. Josh's signature Texas croon perfectly personifies the relationship with a man and this truck. The painfully relatable track hits home for many fans including Josh and bandmate David Fralin.

“I can instantly picture my dad and both of the trucks he owned,” Abbott shares. “His ‘95 F-150 was the first brand new vehicle he ever bought. He was so proud, and now that I’m older, I can appreciate the sentiment and reflect on it. He worked so hard it brings me to tears when I think about the sacrifices he made. There were so many days he was gone before I woke up, and then home at dinner. I wanted to write a song that compared him to his work trucks: their dependability, their toughness, their American spirit. The piano outro is special because our band member David Fralin had recently lost his father when we recorded. So that ending is a tip of the cap to him. Almost all of our songs throughout our career are personal to me, but songs like this one are even more so. I miss my dad so much, this one’s for you, Dad," the Texas staple shares.

Along with the release of the song, the band is inviting fans to submit photos and videos of their dads and their trucks for a special fan lyric video to be released before Father’s Day.

Once again Josh's down home point of view and Texas spirit deliver a one of a kind track that can connect with fans, no matter who you are!


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