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Josh Mirenda: Unveiling the Soulful Story Behind 'Dancing on A Dirt Road'

Nashville luminary and revered Music Row wizard, Josh Mirenda, is reclaiming his spotlight as an artist with a sensational new offering that's bound to set the summer ablaze. Hailing from the heart of Music City, Mirenda's illustrious career boasts a catalog brimming with chart-topping hits, including his contributions to country megastars like Dierks Bentley and Jason Aldean. Now, with his latest release, "Dancing On A Dirt Road," Mirenda cements his status as a masterful storyteller and a force to be reckoned with in the world of country music.

Josh also revealed his highly anticipated debut studio album titled "Wind Up," set to hit shelves on June 28th through Average Joes Entertainment. Alongside this exciting announcement, Mirenda treats fans to a taste of what's to come with his newest musical creation from the album.

In a recent exclusive sit-down with All Country News, Mirenda peeled back the layers of the focus track and scorching summer anthem, revealing the inspiration behind its infectious melody and heartfelt lyrics, and even a suprise or two.

The Story Behind Writing the Song:

A seasoned co-wirter, Josh opened up about how the song came to be. Teaming up once again with frequent friends and collaborators, the song's title was one that intregued the group enough to switch gears during a write.

"This song kind of came about in a way that nothing else I've written has come about. I was at Ten Pan South Week a few years ago with Cole Taylor and Kyle Fishman, and we were writing a different song," Josh told All Country News. "Then, one of us mentioned "Dance on a Dirt Road" as a line in that song, and we immediately stopped. We were like, "Hey, we should probably write that title. That seems way cooler than what we're doing right now."

Embracing the potent synergy of collaboration, Josh recognized that an essential element was yet to be uncovered. With a keen eye for enriching his craft, he turned to the formidable talent of songwriter Dallas Davidson.

"We had some of the verse stuff and were writing at Play It Again, which is Dallas Davidson's publishing company, and we were like, "We need to get Dallas on this thing." So we go out of our writing room, and at the time, this was just a great idea, honestly. They had a keg in the lobby of the publishing house, so that was great. And Dallas was just having a beer, watching the Braves play. And we're like, "Hey man, what are you doing today?" And he goes, "Not writing with y'all. I'm watching the Braves." We're like, "All right, that's fair." And Cole goes, "Yeah. He's like, 'All right. He's like, we had a song called Dance on a Dirt Road. We didn't know if you want to hop on it." And he just turns the TV to mute. He looks at us and he goes, "All right, let's go finish that song."

Having His Daughter and Wife with Him While Recording:

What sets "Dancing on A Dirt Road" apart is not just its catchy melody or heartfelt lyrics but the genuine emotion that resonates within every note. Josh revealed that having his daughter and wife present during the recording process added an extra layer of meaning to the song.

"Yeah, what was particularly special to me about it was that during that session, my wife and daughter—now I have two daughters, but at that time, it was just one—came to the studio. My daughter got to see what dad does for work a little bit, and that was really cool. We recorded it at a studio located at the end of my street. I live in downtown Nashville, so that was really cool. I mean, on walks and stuff, I pass that studio often, and that was a special moment for me."

The Luke Bryan Connection:

One of the most serendipitous moments in Josh's journey with "Dancing on A Dirt Road" was its origin. He described how what began as a hopeful pitch superstar Luke Bryan fellow turned into a divine intervention, leading him to record the song himself.

"We honestly wrote it for Luke Bryan. We thought Luke was going to put it out, and Dallas sent it to him. Luke passed on it, so it sat for a little bit. Then I ended up getting a record deal, and that song was at the top of my list of songs I wanted to record. At the time we wrote it, I didn't have a record deal; I was still strictly writing for other people to make ends meet. So, originally, we were hoping Luke Bryan, Cole Swindell, or somebody would take it. Thankfully, it's mine now."

From the moment the first chords of "Dancing on A Dirt Road" fill the air, listeners are transported to a place where summer never ends and love knows no bounds. With a smooth blend of twang and tenderness, Josh paints a vivid picture of a chance encounter turned into an unforgettable night. The opening lines set the scene perfectly: "You were sippin' on a gin and tonic, I was looking at you across the bar." It's a classic setup, but in Josh's capable hands, it feels fresh and full of promise.

As the song unfolds, we're treated to images of dusty roads and stolen kisses, each lyric dripping with the sweet anticipation of newfound love. "Girl, I never saw your pretty coming, but it looked good in the moonlight," Josh croons, perfectly capturing that moment when attraction ignites into something more. But it's not just the lyrics that shine in "Dancing on a Dirt Road" – the melody itself is pure magic. From the gentle strum of the guitar to the infectious rhythm that begs you to sway along, every note feels like a heartbeat, drawing you further into the story.

Highlighted by intoxicating vocals and cinematic lyrics, Josh once again proves why is his one of Music Row's most dynamic and excting talents. So, grab your loved ones, roll down the windows, and let the music take you on a journey you won't soon forget. After all life's too short not to dance on a dirt road.


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