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Josiah & The Bonnevilles Continues Signature Acoustic, Folk-Inspired Approach In "Tennessee Song"

It’s been almost 300 days since Josiah Leming of Josiah and the Bonnevilles, made the tough and life-changing decision of quitting his full-time job to pursue music. As is the case with almost anyone hoping to make it, his artistic journey hasn’t always been an easy one. His well-rounded musical talents and traditional acoustic approach continue to draw audiences in, but his success stems from much more than that.

Photo credit: Josiah & The Bonnevilles

Josiah describes himself as the kid who always wanted the front row seat. It’s a mindset that has somewhat stuck with him, giving him the drive and motivation to keep pushing forward - however, he’s learned to put the whole idea of being first into perspective.

“I came into the music industry when it was radio-robust. In my first record deal, I was given an option: you could release this album with no radio, and go play shows for your fans, or you can try a single. And I chose the latter path, because I wanted to be on the radio. I didn’t understand how fragile this whole thing is, just to be in the room at all,” Josiah explained to All Country News.

Now, the independent artist focuses on his gratitude to even be here, to make a living off of something he loves. Talking to industry professionals in Nashville reignited this outlook. Josiah attributes credit for this new found vigor to his manager Jeremy Maciak, who signed Josiah to his second record deal and remained his close friend and advisor with him even after that deal ended.

Leming now knows that he’s exactly where he needs to be in his path, even if it’s not at the top all the time. “I truly believe that the plan the universe or God has for us, is better than what we could plan for ourselves. When I believe that way, that allows me to wake up everyday knowing that I am where I am supposed to be,” he reflected. “It’s easy to get wrapped up in goals and numbers… but sometimes that can really take away from being in this moment, and there’s a lot of good that can be done wherever you’re at in life.”

As he grew up playing piano, Josiah has basic knowledge of chords and structures, which translated well into learning the harmonica. The simple, melody-oriented nature of the harmonica made it come easily to him. Josiah also produces for himself, a skill which builds on his love for tinkering and experimenting. His home studio, whose parts he’s been gifted over the years from so many people, is an essential component to his craft. Because of an easily accessible creative space, he can bring song ideas to life quickly, even sharing them with his Patreon fans the very day they were written sometimes. For Josiah, songwriting inspiration often comes up at the most unexpected times. A person oriented in sensitivity and metaphors, it often strikes when he’s trying to explain everyday concepts to people from different angles.

Covering other songs that resonate with him has helped Josiah expand his own horizons. “I’ll read the lyrics and try to do it in my way,” Josiah told us of his approach. Between fan recommendations from TikTok and current chart-toppers, he’s never out of tracks to make his own rendition of. A prominent one includes a country version of Taylor Swift’s #1 hit “Anti Hero,” off of her latest album Midnights. Another heavy influence for him is the superstar Zach Bryan, thanks to whom his song “Blood Moon” is stepping back into the spotlight. After discovering and deeply connecting with his catalog in 2019, Josiah slid into Zach’s DMs. Since then, he’s earned a feature on the “Dawns” singer’s Spotify radio station, and received a shoutout from the man himself.

Last but not least, fans have a new song to look forward to! A multi-dimensional ode to his home state, “Tennessee Song” is the latest in a string of single releases for the up-and-comer. After listening to the snippet, we could easily see why he often comes up in the same conversation as Zach Bryan. Josiah’s laid-back, descriptive approach to storytelling, as well as his charismatic and effortless vocal delivery, has us hooked.

If you’re into folk and/or country music, don’t forget to check out “Tennessee Song,” along with the rest of Josiah and the Bonnevilles’ discography! Josiah’s journey through music truly inspires us, and he sets a positive example for rising artists everywhere. We’re in love with his unique niche of country music - his discography contains something for everyone.


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